want to Eight months after their historic summit in Singapore, US President, Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un at its second Meeting in Hanoi on a roadmap for peace and disarmament on the Korean Peninsula speak. Whether, and to what in the discussions comes out, is uncertain – in the run-up to too high expectations have been dampened. It is conceivable, however, that the state of the men explain to the Korean war (1950 to 1953). Officially a ceasefire is yet still. It’s a symbol would be, at least, of summit success.

The Meeting between Trump and Kim but also away from the big policy for a lot of attention – read here, everything that happens in the run-up:

+++ Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam and feel love +++

+++ host Vietnam recognizes Kim-Trump-summit with special-stamp +++

The host country of Vietnam, pays tribute to the summit, US President, Donald Trump, and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un in Hanoi with a special stamp. 4000 Dong (the equivalent of 0.15 Euro) is the Post string value. It shows two interlocking hands in a stylized heart. The hands are shown in the colors of the flags of North Korea and the United States. In the top left corner of the stamp is represented the flag of Vietnam, in addition, a dove of peace and the English inscription: “partnership for sustainable peace”.

+++ Why Hanoi? +++

click here to read why the U.S. and North Korea, the capital of Vietnam as a meeting point for the Trump-Kim summit have agreed+++