Emotional Meghan
Source Image (BBC)

Meghan did not exactly sit in cold clothes last year. She married Prince Harry, became the mother of son Archie and got the media on her roof dozens of times. All those events have had a significant impact on her life, the former Suits actress reveals as she fights her tears. , Look, every woman – and certainly when you are pregnant – is really vulnerable. So that was a challenge … “, she explains. Meghan continues:” Especially if you just have a child and as a woman … it’s a lot. So you just throw it in the hope of trying to get a mommy or to be a newlywed woman. ”

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When journalist Tom Bradby then asks how Meghan himself is doing, she breaks for a moment. , Thank you for asking me. Few people have asked me how I am doing. But behind the scenes, it is the reality that I am going through. ”After her answer, Bradby cautiously concludes that Meghan is not doing so well. “That’s right,” she admits.

Gossip press

Not only does Meghan find it difficult to deal with all the media attention, but her husband and Prince Harry cannot get used to it. He states that he cannot get used to the press that is constantly swirling around him. It reminds him of the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Harry and his brother William would hold the media responsible for her death. “Every time I see a camera, every time I hear a click, every time I see a flash, it immediately brings me back to that moment.”

At the beginning of this month, it was announced that Harry was dragging British newspapers to court after hacking his voicemail. The complaint was filed with the Supreme Court. The publishers involved knew that the prince is furious, but not yet that he would actually take them to court. The management of the newspapers were previously unable to comment.