The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have invited Germany to compliance with a contract for the Export of armaments.

“We know that the German armaments industry is ready to deliver all of the goods,” said the Ambassador of UAE in Berlin, Ali Abdullah al-Ahmed, the German press Agency. “And we expect that all parties agreed the contract conditions are met.”

The United Arab Emirates have written as well as Saudi Arabia from the export of military equipment stop affected, the Union and the SPD a year ago in their coalition agreement. After that, no new arms deliveries are in the “immediately” in the Yemen war in approved countries involved. However, a back door for already-authorized transactions was kept open, the more is supplied.

The Federal government does not penetrate, however, that the German involvement in the goods produced in the Yemen war. In the UAE there is obviously little understanding. “Our neighborhood is very rough,” said Al-Ahmed of the dpa. “To buy military equipment for a particular purpose. You don’t want to use it, but sometimes you have to use them.”

The Ambassador pointed out that the currently under discussion agreements are, in part, more than a decade old. “If there are conditions that would include the Federal government due to a new political Situation here in Germany in a contract, then the Germany thing,” said Al-Ahmed. “But that should only apply to new contracts.”

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and several other countries in the Region have been supporting for four years, the Yemeni government forces in their fight against the Houthi rebels. According to UN assessment of the war has led to the largest humanitarian disaster in the world.

Al-Ahmed stressed that his country, as Germany is interested in a political solution to the conflict. “There is no military solution.” If someone criticize but the coalition, which is fighting against the Houthi rebels, had he let the question like what he had contributed to a solution. “I would say that Germany can do more”, – said the Diplomat. “As an Ambassador in Germany, I really believe, that Germany can play a much greater role in the Yemen crisis, but also in all other issues in the Region.”