emergency chaplains come to their own appearance more and more often at schools to use. In the past few years, such requests have increased tremendously, said Ralf Radix, Chairman of the conference, Evangelical emergency pastoral care in the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

He didn’t back this but to more emergencies: “The sensitivity for the issue has increased, and teachers know that there is the emergency pastoral care and crisis intervention teams.”

Radix expressed in Erfurt, Germany before the start of the multi-day national Congress of the emergency pastoral care and crisis intervention. Around 350 in psycho-social areas specially trained assistants exchange information about dealing with crises in schools. Also, the head of Erfurt’s Gutenberg-gymnasium in the Congress, a lecture; in 2002, a former student at the high school, had shot dead 16 people and himself.

emergency chaplains – often the pastor of the great Christian churches – and their spiritual colleagues, but only after killing sprees, but also, for example, when a school bus accident or a classmate dies. You care about students, teachers, and parents.

emergency education specialist Harald Karutz said on Wednesday that with children and young people in crisis situations have to be treated as adults. The importance of the school – regardless of whether the bad Happen in the school or outside occurs, have.

Karutz, according to many of the schools now have their own crisis teams. However, the master teacher, could also be affected be would be needed, which is why emergency chaplains from outside. The volunteers worked together with the schools to find answers to questions such as: What are children’s what is the need? There should be a memorial event? What is with the remaining empty space in the classroom?

The Germany-wide network of emergency pastoral care and the crisis intervention team includes, according to Radix currently, there are around 7500 Active. They help annually 25,000 acute emergencies, Victims, survivors and others Affected. For example, if the death messages are delivered or if a short time after accidents or attacks psychological needed help.