In the United States has had to make on Tuesday a Boeing 737 Max 8 at the time of Transfer to a storage area due to engine problems made an emergency landing.

The machine of the US airline Southwest Airlines had to turn around on Tuesday afternoon (local time), shortly after the launch from the Orlando airport in the US state of Florida because of the difficulties and landed afterwards, safely back in Orlando, said a spokesman for the US-aviation authority FAA at the request of the German press Agency. The airline explained on request, there were no passengers on Board, but only members of the Crew.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said that the plane had been on the way to a camp site in Victorville in the U.S. state of California, where discarded or in need of repair aircraft to be accommodated. The affected machine will now be moved to the maintenance area at the Orlando airport and there examined. Also, he said, shortly after the Start in Orlando, the pilots had reported problems with one of the engines to be reversed.

Within a few months, two planes of type Boeing 737 were crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia. A number of countries, including the US, adopted that is why flight bans for this model. There are, however, allowed flights without passengers to transport these planes, for example, to the temporary storage to a different location – as in the case of the Southwest-machine.

A machine of the type Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airline was on 10. March in Ethiopia in a car crash. 157 people died. A few months before it came to a crash of an aircraft of the same type in Indonesia, where 189 people were killed. It is believed that the specially for the new plane series of 737 Max advanced control software, MCAS could be an important trigger of the accidents.