With a Declaration of war on the Rich and Powerful want to, the left, democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren in the presidential election of 2020, incumbent Donald Trump’s challenge.

Warren said on Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and their application to the candidacy of the Democrats. The 69-Year-old is a sharp critic Trumps. The government described it on Saturday as “the most corrupt in living memory”.

Warren is part of the growing field of Democrats who apply one year prior to the primaries for the candidacy of the party. Including several women. Warren calls for, among other things, a special tax for the richest of 75,000 families in the United States, in order to promote, for example, the middle layer and climate protection.

“The Rich and Powerful seem to break the rules and pay no price for it,” said Warren on Saturday before cheering supporters. “If I talk about it, then some of the rich types: class struggle, scream! Let me tell you something: the Same rich guy fighting a decades-long class war against hard-working people. I say: It is time to fight back!”

Warren had triggered a controversy, because it has known in the past as a Native American. President Trump mocked regularly as “Pocahontas”, a famous Aborigine from the 17. Century. In October, Warren submitted to a DNA Test, according to which there was “compelling evidence” that one of your ancestors was from six to ten generations of a native American. The lot, however, went to the rear.

the tribe of The Cherokee called the DNA testing “useless” and no evidence of tribal affiliation, have their roots in centuries-old culture. The “Washington Post” reported a few days ago, citing a tribal spokesperson, Warren apologised. Critics accuse Warren to have as a Native output, in order to promote your career.

Before her election as Senator in 2012, Warren Jura was a Professor at the Elite University of Harvard. Trump under her, Harvard would not have hired you if you had not spent as members of a minority group. In recent days, the debate flared up again: The “Washington Post” published an index card of the bar Association of Texas in 1986, to Warren had indicated that she was Native American.