With a generous cheque to help for the parents of a student, the now former coach of the women football teams of the US Elite University of Yale (Connecticut) a little on the jumps. The idea is that The Coach should be existing, in a Letter to the – apparently non – football skills of the young woman’s praise and a Commission to recommend you for a course of study in Yale. Approximately $ 400,000 of the Coach is said to have received from mastermind William Rick Singer. The created, therefore, already in November 2017, the Fake profile of the woman, in which she, among other things, as a Co-captain of a Pro team was presented. A year later, she was taken in fact.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

This is the core of the bribery scandal


The case flew on, because two weeks ago became known was that dozens of Celebrities, including Felicity Huffman, Star of the American TV series Desperate Housewifes, with generous gifts have tried to have their scions to the so-called Elite universities such as Yale, Stanford or Georgetown. The Federal police FBI arrested in the course of an investigation of about 50 alleged perpetrator.

University reviews allegations and draws approval back

How the US media on Tuesday reported, Yale revoke the approval for the supposedly great football talent. “We have assessed the allegations and the admission of the student to withdraw due to a fraudulent letter of recommendation,” reads an official Statement from Peter Salovey, President of Yale University. The elite forge on the US East coast, making it the first College, the fires in the course of this bribery affair with a student. The football coach flew up, therefore, already in April 2018, was taken by the FBI to cooperate since then with the authorities.

masterminds cashed in more than $ 25 million

Also mastermind, Singer, and, apparently, the focal point of two weeks ago, the failed scandal around the Hollywood greats Huffman and Lori Loughlin (Full House), meanwhile, is a confession. He is the founder of the study, a consulting and coaching company “The Key”, and taken according to the indictment, since 2011, over $ 25 million, which were disguised as donations and bribes to sports coaches or high school employees were passed. As the competent state’s attorney Andrew E. Lelling said, to Singer, for example, for documents provided that the children showed as athletes, for example, by image montages or photos.

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