Berlin: at the age of eleven, pupils should be provided with a blank-firing gun

have threatened An eleven-year-old on Tuesday morning at an elementary school in Berlin-Spandau for fear and terror. Accordingly, primary school students such as the Boy observed handing in a gun. They alerted their teacher, who called the police. When the officers arrived at the school, was missing for the child. According to police, the Boy fled home, where he was a little taken up later. The weapon was discovered in the afternoon in a nearby wooded area. “It was a blank firing gun that wasn’t loaded”, – stated in the police report. It will now be held to determine where the gun came from. The Portal “” quoted by the mother of a student. Accordingly, the suspicious Boy had pointed the gun at other students. The Background of the incident is unclear.

In: police are looking for witnesses after a body was discovered

The police Düren looking for a body was discovered, witnesses. Already in November 2018 was found in the Lucherberger lake in the municipality of Inden in the body of a man. Investigations have not led yet to identify. Now police have released a Tattoo, the Dead man wore, in the hope to get clues to the man. The Dead is about 1.60 to 1.65 meters tall and must have some time in the water. He was dressed with a dark blue tracksuit, the legs on the outside each have a Central blue stripe, and a red sweater. The man at the top of the head a bald head and the back of the head short, dark hair. Striking two tattoos on the upper arms, particularly the motif on the outer side of the right upper arm. This is a lion head and the word “Leu” in black color. The police are asking for any information from the population under the phone number 02421 949 81 15, or at any police station

Bremen: a Teenager sent been determined extortionate Sexmails

A Teenager from Bremen as a suspect for extortion Sexmails. As the said Central Cybercrime Bavaria and the Bavarian state office of criminal investigation office on Wednesday, the 17-Year-old, in spite of intensively used methods of obfuscation, and anonymization. In his room in his parents ‘ home, investigators were able to secure, therefore, in a RAID in November, comprehensive evidence. The suspect belongs to the investigators, according to a series of independently acting offenders and offender groups, which are intended to be for the last year, heaping such spam mails are responsible.

In the news at that time had been playing to the recipients that your Computer is infected with malicious software, the designs are unnoticed video recordings using the Webcam. The offender is alleged in the majority of cases, to have film footage of the user when you visit pornographic sites or sexual acts created. It had then been threatened to spread the images – to prevent this, should be paid in the Form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin money. A real risk to the recipients of the emails had not passed, it had been installed, in no case, indeed, malicious software. At least in the case of this suspect, so far, no payment has been established. As a spokesman for the Central office of Cybercrime said, could not this be due to the fact that the Suspect was the only offender, but the mesh imitated.

Schwerte: passengers tie up with handcuffs in train – police use

an Unusual use for the police in North Rhine-Westphalia Schwerte: During a train ride, a 32 and was tied-Year-old his well-Known fun with handcuffs, which he had previously purchased in the Internet. As the conductor wanted to check the tickets, attracted to the metal cuffs so tight, that it was for the 50-Year-old pretty painful, and the blood supply to the hands to a Halt. Unfortunately, no one had a key for the handcuffs. The conductor alerted the police and the fire Department of the expected train at the station. With a large keyring fitted, could open the officials of the handcuffs with the matching key and saved the man the use of a bolt cutter.

Bochum: construction workers from falling wall killed

In Bochum, Germany came from two men in a work accident. A third was seriously injured. The police announced on, reached the rescue workers on Tuesday afternoon at about 15: 40 p.m. an emergency call. On the former Opel site approximately 15 meters by 20 meters, brick collapsed wall of an old factory building and had buried two men. Another construction worker was injured, he was taken to a hospital. Immediately forces began to free the two victims. After a few minutes, both were able to be freed from the rubble. Unfortunately, the present this kind of doctor could find only your death. Why the wall collapsed, is still unclear. Pastoral care workers and other employees. The police and the Agency for the identify of protection.


use of forces after the collapse of the brick wall on the site of the former Opel plant on the site of the accident

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news from Tuesday, 12. March

Hildesheim: school closes 107 students due to a lack of measles vaccination from classes from

After the measles outbreak at a Hildesheimer total school 107 students are to come been excluded due to lack of immunization until the end of the week. The district of Hildesheim was informed by a Review of the vaccination status of all 700 students on Tuesday. The Ministry of health in Hanover, had justified the drastic measure to honor the students access to the school. The school should make in consultation with the district health authority has a legal balance between compulsory education and the protection of children against a contagious disease.

constancy: a man is walking with a pipe bomb in the police station

With a self-made pipe bomb showed up an apparently mentally ill man on Monday at a police station in Konstanz. The Venezuelan-born 39-Year-old in the area have entered the lunch time with a plastic bag with the note on a table, that is, an IED was. The report to the police and the Prosecutor’s office. The officers arrested the man immediately and cleared the entrance area and the staircase and all adjacent rooms. Summoned specialists examined the contents of the plastic bag and found a black powder and nails filled metal tube with a fuse. He had detonated, the explosive device will, therefore, have a radius of tens of meters to a deadly courseetzungen, the Delaborierer. In the interrogation of the alleged perpetrator admitted, finally, to have the pipe bomb suicidal intentions. As the police reported that he had noticed the man in the past years already several times because of suicide attempts.

the help you have suicidal thoughts?

in every life situation, and round-the-clock telephone helpline for anonymous and free of charge, a listening ear and advice, telephone: (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222. A consultation via E-Mail.
for A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention. For more information,

Stuttgart: seats in S-Bahn with needles prepared

In Stuttgart, Unknown three seats in a S-Bahn have prepared with a 4.5-cm-long sewing needles. As the police reported on Monday that injured a 64-Year-old and a 51-Year-old lightweight, as they sat on the needles. Another traveller wanted to sit on a prepare seat, noticed the “prank” however, in the nick of time. The police determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

Letmathe: black driver threatened the inspector with a knife

In Letmathe in the district märkischer Kreis, in NRW, a ticket inspector was threatened on Saturday by a man with a knife. As reported by the police on Monday, had checked the controller was previously in a regional train, the Tickets of the passengers. “Just before he came to a 30 – to 40-year-old man, stand on and went to the ticket machine in the train,” said the officials. There had been an exchange of words, the Controlled would have become in the course of getting louder and louder. The train staff asked him to leave the train and wanted to clarify the matter on the platform. There, the passenger had suddenly drawn a knife and it is up to the controller on the chest, while he yelled at him.

Then he was gone, would have handled the knife and declared that inspectors would “constantly nervous” – even if they only did their Job, he admitted.

Rees: a woman rises to the railway crossing just in time from the car

A 57-year-old woman on Monday in the North Rhine-Westphalian Rees in the district of Kleve, only just a misfortune to escape. As the police reported, the car the woman in the early evening in their small on-the-go. In a Turn you had to cross a railway crossing. As you stand with your car on the tracks, would have closed the barriers. “Because from the direction of Oberhausen, a freight train approached, increased the Car driver out of her vehicle and left the danger area,” – said in the report. The driver of the freight train could not stop in spite of emergency braking in a timely manner, and the engine collided with the car. Was injured, according to police at the time of the accident no one. The railway line is in the port for cleanup and investigation work completely blocked.

Waldshut-Tiengen: police find escaped patients drunk at home on Sofa

To escape from the hospital, a Patient in Waldshut is asleep-Tiengen in the full rush home on his Sofa, and there, by the police, have been discovered. The 34-Year-old had been admitted to hospital with a wound to the head drunk to the hospital, the police announced. Later, he left but just the clinic, although still a access stuck in his Arm and he should stay for observation. “The gave him to drink, presumably, there is nothing” speculated, a police spokesman. Officers found the Fugitives finally at home on the Sofa asleep. A breathalyzer test showed The man had a low of 4.14 per thousand in the blood. Without Protest, he was back to the hospital.

Gotha: woman calls police because the rooster crows

A woman called in Thuringia the police, because they felt disturbed by the morning crow of the Nachbarhahns. The 55-Year-old from the Ilm-Kreis saw on the Saturday morning by the Gekrähe to sleep brought, and asked ride officials include the police in Gotha announced on Monday. The clerk’s office had informed the woman about the thing. After consultation with the owner of the rooster, as well as the Complainant, the police referred to the civil legal clearance pathway, as it was said in the message.

news from Monday, 11. March

Grevenbroich: One Dead after missglücktem pull-out manoeuvre

called for A failed Parking maneuver in Grevenbroich (NRW), the deaths and two seriously injured. As the police said, had evidence so far suggests that a 83-year-old man when reversing the control of the vehicle lost driving out of a Parking space and was met with four pedestrians.

an 81-Year-old and 76 were injured-Year-old hard, also from the car, covered 92-Year-old died a little later in a hospital. The accident, the driver and another pedestrian suffered according to the police, minor injuries. The investigation is going.

Ostallgäu: Missing avalanche victim after two weeks of recovered

Two weeks after an avalanche in the Ostallgäu Missing has been found. A hunter discovered the man’s body on Saturday at the foot of the Lawinenhangs in the Ammergau Alps, the police announced in Kempten. He was recovered by a mountain guide. The 43-Year-old ski Tourer was buried by the end of February in an avalanche.

Around 70 rescue workers were in use. You were able to mountains, several ski touring unharmed. A man suffered serious injuries, a 42-Year-old could then only be recovered dead. The search for the so far Missing had been interrupted because of the increasing avalanche danger after a number of days.

Düsseldorf: food is not picked up, snacks employees to save regular customers is the life

Out of concern for a regular customer of the operator of a barbecue snack has informed at the weekend, the police and the man probably saved the lives of. The 54-Year-old had been ordered by the police chief in his tribe snack in the Martin street food. As he picked up his Order as usual, at 17.45, one of the employees and called the police. The officials determined the place of residence in Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt and gained access because there was no sign of life from the apartment. Rescue workers found the man unconscious. Apparently, there was an acute danger to life. The 54-Year-old would have died without the timely help. He was taken to hospital.

Kassel: thieves steal 560 Apple iPhones from a warehouse

fat booty were Unknown at the already in the past week in a warehouse in the Hessian town of Schauenburg. How the police, Northern Hesse reported, captured the thieves Smartphones worth more than 500,000 euros. Demnach the offender hit with massive violence, a hole in a wall and stole approximately 560 smartphone of the brand Apple. The property damage is said to be several thousand euros. The police due to the amount of the prey that the Unknown the stolen goods with a van removal. Further investigations are ongoing.

lip: tank thieves do Not mortise, a police dog brings to the track

the two brazen tank thieves were on Saturday evening in the Westphalian lip. According to police, the two men drove with her car, filled the Tank and canister. Instead of the required Diesel fuel they got, but the pump nozzle for petrol. The thieves noticed refusing to give up her gaffe as the engine of your car to the service. The open invoice from 144 Euro, they could not pay. With the promise to get the money, fled the Duo walk away. Previously, the two white Russian license plate mounted. When they returned after about an hour to get to the car, waited for police dog “Leon” on the two men. Got a 24-year-old Russians who wanted to make one more Time from the dust. He came up with a Bite wound to the hospital. His accomplice was able to go undetected escape. As the police investigated later, were stolen from the vehicle attached to the license plate.

Waiblingen: “Threesome” in the pavilion, police have attacks ended a

police on Saturday on the small alder island, a so-called “Threesome”. Previously, some young people had noticed how two women and a man under a gazebo “under loud moans about sexual intercourse,” reads a police report of the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” quote. The alerted Patrol had intervened, and I finished with the public Sex of the trio. The 31-year-old man and two women, 26 and 32 years old, threatening a display because of the public nuisance.

Gyhum: first responder dies after accident on A1

In the case of a serious road accident early Monday morning on highway 1, a first responders lost their lives. As the highway patrol reported in a first message, had been involved with two cars in the accident in lower Saxony, Gyhum. Therefore, a 24 came at about 2 o’clock in the morning,-Year-old with his car on the wet road into a Skid, crashed into the middle guard rail and overturned on the roadway. The 59-year-old driver of a semi-trailer observed the accident and stopped on the hard shoulder to help. Seconds later, a car crashed with a Danish couple, first in the truck, and then in the scene of the accident. The first helper was fatally injured. Before 8 o’clock at the police lifted the full closure.

Wuppertal: Eight residential houses due to the danger of collapse

cleared The police and clerk’s office have brought on Sunday evening in Wuppertal Beyeröhde around 70 residents from their homes. A total of eight residential buildings, cracks were found in the walls. Apparently, collapse is a danger. Residents had heard a suspicious Crack, and then the emergency call is selected. The city of Wuppertal was a crisis staff. According to city spokesperson Martina Eckermann have been formed under the part 100 years old houses cavities. Why is still unclear. The affected tenants were, according to a report from the “image” mostly for friends and Relatives. The vulnerable area in front of the houses spaciously.


Eight homes were forced to evacuate police and public order office on Sunday in Wuppertal, Germany. The buildings are about to collapse.

©Holger Battenfeld REUTERS Frankfurt: a 23-Year-old spits and curses at officials as a Nazi

seems to have been out of the blue on Friday night at a subway station, a police officer from an Unknown attack. As the “Frankfurter Neue Presse” reported, the officials on the way home and I waited at the Konstablerwache on its orbit. Suddenly he was spat on a woman and, among other things, as a “Nazi” insults. Your identity is not going to give them, therefore, first of all, price. As the Attacked the 23-Year-old taken to the police station, they threatened him with death, and in the dispute the service shirt have been torn. Only on the area the young woman could be identified. The officials granted her a place reference and let them run.

sources: police press/”Stuttgarter Nachrichten”/”Frankfurter Neue Presse”

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