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Nationwide tax crackdown after the evaluation of the “Panama Papers” (11.28 PM)Sherpa Kami Rita provides a record of the new Everest (9.55 PM)the German economy grew by 0.4 per cent (8.08 PM)German phone more mobile than from a landline (7.54 PM)plans May then Brexit vote for the beginning of June (1.48 PM)

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+++ 11: 43 PM: investigation in the crossbow case, take to: + + +

In the case of the crossbow-dead from Passau, Germany the investigations in the environment of the two women and the man are ongoing. In two to three weeks, you can expect a final report, said a spokesman for the local Prosecutor’s office. Unclear the motive for the action is in the past.

Advanced suicide

download Five bodies and a middle Ages – the mysterious crossbow-the case of Passau

In a Passauer Board found three Dead with crossbow arrows. What has happened there? The investigators have a hunch. But there are two other bodies are still. And a trail leads into the West woods.

DPA +++ 11.28 PM: a nationwide tax crackdown after the evaluation of “the Panama Papers,” + + +

Three years after the revelations of the so-called “Panama Papers” investigators are indented on suspicion of tax evasion a Federal RAID out wide. The authorities, through the living sought the rooms of eight wealthy individuals, eleven banks and savings banks, as well as the business premises of four tax advisors, as the state Prosecutor in Frankfurt said.

the judiciary and tax authorities have the private people suspected of a previous company of the Deutsche Bank group letter box companies established and to be cheated on your taxes. The operations had become on the publication of the “Panama Papers”. The investigators did not specify what the money houses were searched. Affected the business premises of a total of eleven institutes in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Erding, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Trier. Living persons in Bad Tölz, Germany, Erkrath, Hamburg, Conc, Simmerath, and on the island of Sylt were searched rooms of private. Also involved officials of the Federal criminal police office (BKA), the land criminal police office of Hamburg, the upper Finance Directorate in Frankfurt, and various financial offices.

tax search

BKA buys “Panama Papers” for five million Euro.

tax investigators and investigators in Germany have to adjust to the additional layers. The BKA is in possession of a gigantic dataset via a letter box company in Panama, called the Panama Papers.

DPA +++ 11.06 PM: the Federal Cabinet makes way for Moped drivers license 15 +++

The Federal Cabinet has cleared the way for the Moped-driver’s license already from the age of 15. The road traffic act should be changed. Thus, the possibility for the countries to be created to lower the minimum age from 16 years to 15. In Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the model is run for a few years already attempts. The Attempts, however, are limited until the end of April 2020. After the law change, the countries can then decide whether or not you make use of the new rules.

+++ 10.56 PM: the Polish Ambassador in Tel Aviv +++

The Polish Ambassador in Israel, Marek Magierowski, attacked in Tel Aviv has been attacked. An Israeli police spokesman said a man had approached the Ambassador, as he had been sitting in his vehicle, and him spit. The summoned police took the 65-year-old suspect. He should be brought before a judge in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli news website “ynet” wrote that the man had attacked the Ambassador also physically and verbally abused. The Israeli foreign Ministry in Jerusalem stated that the incident was being investigated by the police. “The Ministry of foreign Affairs is fully in solidarity with the Ambassador and shaken by the incident.”

+++ 10.44 am: USA pull out part of its Embassy staff out of Iraq +++

The U.S. state Department deducts a portion of its employees from Iraq. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and Consulate in Erbil, were affected, the Embassy said on its website. The Ministry had instructed that non-essential personnel of the U.S. government to leave the country. The Visa Service at both locations is currently suspended, it said.

One reason for the step was not mentioned in the message. In the Iran conflict, the US armed forces had increased on Tuesday its alert level for the is in Iraq and Syria stationed troops in parts of the Anti-terrorist Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). Possible threats against U.S. troops in Iraq would be observed, it said.