The duck sandwich this is the Savior not of the page, to their Chicks in safety

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The concern for their offspring was a giant, according to excited and loud quakend Vienna police officers found a mother Duck who was waiting at Easter in front of a trough. A short time before their Chicks had fallen into the pipe and no more came out, but fortunately the police and the fire brigade of the Austrian capital, to save the Little ones.


rat stuck in a Gully with a eight-man to the rescue

Wiener duck family works out unharmed in freedom released

eleven Chicks were saved by the officials on Easter Sunday in the Parking lot of a grocery store from their plight, after they washed the gutter down with water and the animals at the other end detected. With a kennel, the duck family was then brought to a pond in the vicinity, and there unharmed in the freedom of the released.


After her rescue, the duck family has a rest on a pond

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