In Germany, the summer vacations to end, for many children, the Enrolment stands at the door and in the German domestic policy disputes broke out, as our education system with children is not supposed to handle it, speak sufficient English.

Actually, the theme is ancient – in the net you can find long reports, for example, from the year 2013, in which experts give some thought to how you can break down language barriers in schools. Because for some migrant children, the elementary school is the first intensive contact with the German language – for a normal school life this is not enough. Frustrating for the kids, exhausting for the teacher, and often bad for the learning level of the class as a whole.


Carsten Linnemann

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Against the Background of this long-simmering debate, the Deputy CDU/CSU parliamentary leader Carsten Linnemann, the CDU/CSU in the “Rheinische Post suggested,” now, children, speak no English, not to the primary school to allow and is part of harsh criticism, especially from political opponents. A particularly sharp Left-Boss Katja Kipping said: With his Statements to elementary school children Linnemann go to “vote catching in the right swamp,” she told the German press Agency, and accused the CDU politician, to mix the theme with messages about violence of adults. “Is not known to him, that the perpetrators of Frankfurt, who obviously had a psychotic disorder, is fluent in German and Swiss has virtually the same immigrant background as Alice rye?”

Carsten Linnemann warns of new “parallel societies”

In the output of this Tuesday Linnemann of the “Rheinische Post had said” with reference to “new parallel societies”: “in Order to bring it to the point: A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school means nothing”. For affected children, he suggested a pre-school compulsory. If necessary, an Enrolment must also be reset. Mentioned he had baths, even the incidents in free, the fact on the Frankfurt platform, and the sword attack in Stuttgart. All that to rummage the people and befeuere the concern is that new parallel societies may arise.

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The SPD education politician Marja-Liisa völler’s said the DPA, the statements linnemann starts to be “really Fremdschämen and populist bluster, as in election times”. One could not exclude the children from the primary school, just because they were speaking bad English. The create parallel societies and long-term integration problems instead of solving them. “The children are right there where you are. A better learning environment for all children at school classroom with peers, she doesn’t exist.”

And even a party girlfriend Linnemann, the schleswig-Holstein Minister of education, Karin Prien (CDU), rejected the initiative linnemann starts to vehemently. Prien language in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” of “populist nonsense” and “completely wrong way”. Such children belonged “in the framework of the rule of schooling” in the English-as-second-language classes. “In the year 100 after the introduction of the school duty” should just say Christian Democrats “on the social achievement of a General compulsory education,” said the politician in the newspaper. It is in your state also Deputy CDU Chairman.

teachers ‘Association sees the Problem and calls again for language tests in front of the elementary school

The German teachers’ Association reacted by contrast, some differentiated to linnemann starts to advance – finally, the CDU had demanded politicians, Yes even the complete exclusion of children without sufficient knowledge of German from German schools, but that the Enrolment will be postponed until the children have acquired this knowledge – for example, in a Preschool. The teachers ‘ Association renewed its call for mandatory language tests before primary school. “I am a absolute supporter of the Federal government, the nationwide language tests in Three – and four-year-olds,” said President of the Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the DPA. Linnemann have, of course, right that the actual language promotion should be done in front of the elementary school, said Meidinger. There are approaches to language tests of Three – and four-year-olds in some countries, “but, unfortunately, happens when deficiencies are identified, to little, also because this specifically trained people, including speech and language therapists would not be used, we have”. Primary school teachers lack of product anyway. “It is a truism to say that What was missed early in the promotion, cannot or can hardly catch up,” said Meidinger.

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