About a dozen elementary school students from Cleveland, were taken to a hospital after they had gummy bears eaten. The candy containing the drug marijuana, possession of in moderation in the US state of Ohio is decriminalized. Some of the children between the ages of five and nine years, had to get the gummy abdominal pain. According to the police report, from the U.S. channel CNN quoted, had been tested in a child a positive effect on the mind-altering ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

the mother of a child detained by police

On Monday I bear a teacher, the intoxicating rubber in a space of school found in the affected children would have stopped. According to the police report, one of the students to have the gummy bears with a minimum of twelve children shared a total of 15 would have undergone in a hospital for a drug test. Whether the children are aware of been, what have bears for rubber you eaten, is unclear.

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rose, The mother of the student who is said to have distributed the candy, has been arrested by the police. You’ll be accused of having the children in danger. Probably because she has neglected their duty of supervision – more detailed backgrounds from the police report, CNN doesn’t call. For a opinion, the mother had not been reached.

Edible marijuana products to be “attractive and palatable” for children, but could contain high amounts of the mind-altering active ingredient THC, warns Dr. Sam Wang. The pediatrician and toxicologist, says CNN: “When young children consume, they can lead to dizziness and excessive sleepiness, and in rare cases, interfere with breathing.” Therefore, he suggest a better and safer storage, child-resistant packaging and measures to raise awareness in dealing with the candy in children and adults.

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