After the unprecedented power outage in Argentina and Uruguay to work, the electricity supply in both countries of South America almost across the Board.

The 47 million people in the two States had virtually all power, according to the Argentina’s largest energy supplier Edesur and Edenor, as well as her Uruguayan counterpart UTE on Sunday evening (local time). The two countries had been affected up to 15 hours of the massive disruption.

The Blackout started on Sunday morning at 7.07 am local time (12.07 BST), a good 50 minutes before sunrise. Because in the southern hemisphere of the earth is just beginning of the Winter, is heated with electricity. For this, air conditioners are not as common as in the summer.

“this is an unprecedented case,” wrote Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri on Twitter. Also, the under-Secretary of state for civil defence, Daniel Russo, said the Radio station Radio Mitre, this was a failure in Argentina unprecedented scale. Within the territory of the state only at the southern tip of the Park, land of fire was the failure spared.

The supply system had been shut down because of voltage problems automatically, said Argentina’s energy Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui at a press conference. On a Sunday, without extreme temperatures, the network has a power reserve of 20 percent, therefore, the General shutdown was unusual. Lopetegui is not a Hacker attack, but that would be the main suspect. As a result of the ongoing investigations will not be known for seven to ten days.

trains and subways in the capital city of Buenos Aires was abruptly stopped and could not drive it on late Sunday night. Also, since the traffic lights were not to be walked on the streets less chaotic. Most of the hospitals had to provide generators.

The Uruguayan utility, UTE, reported on Twitter that a damage in the Argentine network have impact on the composite system, so that the state of the area was without electricity. Also in Parts of Brazil and Paraguay it came to power outages.

Uruguay is linked to Argentina via the common power plant is Salto Grande on the Uruguay river, connected to, 350 kilometres North of Buenos Aires. Paraguay shares with Argentina the power station Yaciretá on the Paraná river.

On Twitter to be Concerned, were under Hashtags such as “SinLuz” (Without the light). Some drew comparisons to the Latin American crisis in the country of Venezuela, where there have been in recent times repeatedly power failures.