On Sunday, Ukraine will elect a new President. For the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, everything is on the game. And shortly before the election, there was suddenly a surprising favourite: the comedian Vladimir Selenski. A number of surveys to see him consistently for more than 25 percent. In the case of Poroshenko, and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, the situation is less clear: A survey looks both at about 17 percent, in another of Poroshenko is clearly in front of the Ex-head of government.

Selenski plays in the popular TV series “a servant of the people,” a teacher who is unexpectedly elected President. As a comedian he makes fun of corruption, nepotism and machinations of the Elite. Especially the young people are excited by him.

law of war

Ukraine wants to be (almost) no Russian men into the country


Lviv mayor sees the huge level of support for the political newcomer as a sign of protest. “What, in France, the “yellow West”, are the Selenski-voters,” said Andrei Sadowy of the news Agency DPA, whose Name will always be traded again for the highest government offices.

In the Ukraine, as President, actor known

critics of the 41 prior to throwing the-Year-old but to have no political experience. The comedian acknowledges deficits. He had “no experience,” said Selenski in an Interview with the news Agency AFP. He will learn but for its possible new task: “Finally, I don’t want to look like an Idiot.” While his supporters hope for a fresh Wind to the state, keeping his opponent Selenskis political ideas for little concrete and interfere with jokes at his plates and sexist.

Despite Selenskis top position in the polls, experts do not hold the choice opted for. “If you look at his Numbers, you get the feeling that Selenski has reached its peak already,” says political expert Nikolai Dawidjuk. In addition, young people were less likely to vote than older.

Poroshenko in the crisis

The 53-year-old Poroshenko has ruled Ukraine since the Maidan-Revolution in the year 2014. After the fall of his Kremlin predecessor, the loyal Viktor Yanukovych had promised to Poroshenko, Ukraine is stronger to the West, against the widespread corruption and to end the armed conflict with Pro-Russian rebels in the East of the country. There have been killed in recent years around 13,000 people, even today, people die regularly in the Fighting.

Crimea crisis

Russia or Ukraine: Who benefits from the dispute over the Kerch Strait?

By Ellen Ivits

In the fight for his re-election Poroshenko tries to present himself as the only candidate that can offer the powerful neighbor Russia in the forehead: “My ally is the Ukrainian people, my opponent is Putin,” said the President during a television appearance.

But so far it was not possible to Poroshenko, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine to settle. Also, domestically, he is under massive pressure. The economic situation in the country is disastrous. According to surveys conducted by the world Bank, about three million Ukrainians is less than 4,85 euros on the day. 25 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2014 there were only 15 percent.

The mountain of debt grows. “Without the payments to the IMF, the country would already be bankrupt,” said Marcel Röthig, country representative of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Kiev, in an interview with the “Wirtschaftswoche”. There exists virtually no area of the Ukrainian government policy, which is not subsidized from abroad: According to data from the Federal government three billion euros, the European Bank has paid in the past years, the European investment Bank, for example, for the reconstruction of 2.7 billion, 879 million euros came from the “bilateral EU aid”, eleven billion euros from the IMF.

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