The Turkish electoral Commission has declared the candidate of the Opposition, Ekrem imamoğlu, for the time being, the winner of the mayoral election in Istanbul. The decision on a repetition of the vote is pending.

imamoğlu, the candidate of the largest opposition party, the CHP, received on the Wednesday after the party particulars of his certificate of appointment for the mayor’s office. To him, the mandate can be known accordingly, but again but, it should give instead of the High election Commission (YSK) to the request of the government party, the AKP, and a new election to decide.

The ACP had on Tuesday the request for cancellation and repetition of the local elections of 31. In March, the YSK submitted. When the Commission decides, it is still unclear.

The Islamic-conservative government party uses to its own information, the way of an “extraordinary appeal”. These can be inserted according to the law, if there has been incidents that affect the outcome of the election. The ACP and the President and party leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan are of the opinion that the vote in Istanbul, as a rule, delivery is illegal.

imamoğlu had won the local election by a margin of some 24,000 votes against Ex-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. After the opposition of the government party, the AKP, and a recount in several districts, the difference shrank, could not be recovered from the ACP but. The request for a recount of all votes in Istanbul had been rejected by the election Commission.

The economy of the metropolis was ruled for 25 years by Islamic-conservative mayors. The defeat in the city is a loss of face for Erdogan, who was once mayor of Istanbul.


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