Egypt has been ranked as the spirit journey of the Unknown through the city of Cairo, with at least 20 dead and 47 injured, as an act of terrorism.

In the car of the wrong driver, explosives had been discovered, informed the Ministry of the interior after an investigation of the vehicle. Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi referred to the fact that an Unknown had caused in the night to Monday in a car accident and a heavy Explosion as a “cowardly act of terrorism”.

According to preliminary investigation, the Islamist terrorist group Hasm was responsible for the attack, it said. These have prepared the car for a “terrorist Operation”. Hasm had repeatedly confessed to the attacks in Egypt. The country’s authorities regard the group as the armed wing of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt as a terrorist organisation is classified.

The Ghost rider was in on Monday night on the road of the Corniche road, the along the Nile through Cairo’s city center. In the vicinity of the national Institute of cancer research in NCI, he crashed according to official data, with three cars, and there was a heavy Explosion. According to eyewitnesses, several window panes were in the clinic by the force of the Explosion to break.

In Egypt, particularly in the North of the Sinai Halbinel again and again to terrorist attacks and raids against Islamist extremists. In mid-may, was exploded near the pyramids of Giza, an IED, a Bus with tourists drove by. Several holidaymakers from South Africa were injured by shards of glass.

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