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Egypt’s Ex-President Mohammed Morsi hostage-taking seems to be dead (18.14 PM)in Lübeck JVA – scale use of the police (17: 09)Incorrect George Clooney caught (16.28 hours), and 62-Year-old dies in crash of glider (8.58 p.m.), Deadly shots at the school graduation party (7.25 PM)Argentina and Uruguay: electricity is up and running again (6.01 PM)

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+++ 19.12 PM: police negotiated with the lübeck hostage-taker +++

The police have registered with the armed hostage-taker in the prison of Lübeck negotiations. Forces were with the man in a connection, said a police spokesman on Monday evening. The detainee had been taken against 15 a.m. on Monday a hostage. According to “lübeck news” is supposed to be a psychologist. The police also called special forces. According to dpa-information it’s supposed to be the hostage-taker to a Romanian prisoners.

+++ 19.08 PM: Merkel welcomes new Ukrainian President Selenskyj in Berlin +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes on Tuesday the new President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selenskyj with military honours in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. At a working lunch, you want to talk about the bilateral relations, the Minsk agreement for Eastern Ukraine-conflict and the reform process in Ukraine. After Merkel and Selenskyj give a press conference. In the early afternoon Selenskyj comes together in the Bellevue Palace with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

+++ 18.07 PM: Egypt’s Ex-President Mohammed Morsi died +++

Egypt’s former President Mohammed Morsi died in circles on Monday, according to information from justice and security. From the sources it became known, collapsed Morsi at a court hearing, and later died in hospital. The Islamist politician had begun in 2012, his office as the first democratically elected head of state of Egypt, but was confronted soon with mass protests and was overthrown in July 2013 by the military.

+++ 17.42 PM: Russian editor-in-chief Rudnikow surprisingly released from prison +++

from a long prison sentence threatened editor-in-chief of a Russian regional newspaper, Kaliningrad, Igor Rudnikow, surprisingly, is released. Rudnikow was taken in November of 2017, under the charge of the feast, he wanted to extort from the Kaliningrad head of the investigative Committee Viktor Ledenyov, the equivalent of about 43,000 euros. The public Prosecutor requested for the founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Novie Kolesa” ten years in prison. The court in St. Petersburg sentenced the 53-Year-old now because of “abuse of power” to 550 hours of social work. This penalty was assessed because of the already in the prison, and spent time as a compensated.

+++ 17.09 PM: hostage-taking in Lübeck JVA – large-scale operation of the police +++

In the prison in Lübeck, there is a hostage situation . A man had a woman in his violence, said in Kiel, a spokesman for the Ministry of justice of Schleswig-Holstein. A larger police operation on the site of the course. Previously, the “Lübecker Nachrichten had reported” online about it. Accordingly, it is in the hostage to a psychologist.

+++ 16.51 PM: Gloria Vanderbilt at the age of 95 years passed away +++

The American actress, painter and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, has died at the age of 95 years. Her son, the television presenter Anderson Cooper said, in CNN. The versatile Vanderbilt was a descendant of one of the formerly richest families of the United States, and was for many years one of the most prominent social figures of the country.

+++ 16.28 PM: False George Clooney after year-long manhunt +++

After a year-long international manhunt caught has been arrested in Thailand, an impostor who had posed as a George Clooney. The 58-year-old Italians, together with his wife under the name of the Hollywood Stars of nearly two million euros scammed. As the police confirmed, was caught in the Pair on Saturday, on the basis of a request from the international police authority Interpol, the holiday resort located near Pattaya. The two is the delivery to Italy is imminent.


The wrong George Clooney is in Thailand

©CRIME SUPPRESSION DIVISION, ROYAL THAI POLICE, AFP +++ 15.46 PM: wife of Ex-car boss Ghosn arrested asks US President, Trump for help +++

The wife of Ex-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has asked US President Donald Trump for help for her in Japan accused man. The President should make at the G20 summit at the end of the month for her husband to get a fair trial, said Carole Ghosn British TV channel BBC in an Interview. Trump should make the host of the summit, the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, in addition, to ensure that you could speak with your husband.

Carlos Ghosn had been taken in Japan. In the meantime, he was released on bail, but must not leave his place of residence. Ghosn is accused of a violation of stock Exchange regulations in Japan. Since his release from prison, he was accused a number of times for another alleged Offense, including embezzlement of company funds. It studies intra-saving running expenses of ducks.

+++ 15.33 PM: 78 Dead in two days due to heat wave in India +++

Due to the extreme heat in Parts of India came within 48 hours, nearly 80 people were killed. There is, as yet, 78 deaths, with authorities. Almost 130 people were treated for heat-related complaints still in the hospital. The majority of the victims was stated to be older than 50 years.

In some parts of India, have been measured in the past few days, temperatures of more than 45 degrees. In some places, the authorities have imposed lock, therefore, output. Most of the Gaya district was affected. There, residents are allowed to leave only in cases of emergency the house. In addition, construction work and other outside activities carried out during the lunch time is prohibited.

+++ 15.21 PM: the Director, Rolf von Sydow has died +++

The film’s Director, Rolf von Sydow is dead. He died on Sunday at the age of 94 years, said his wife, Susanne von Sydow, the German press Agency. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported.

+++ 14: 13: Baby didn’t want to wait in spite of police escort: birth of the road +++

can’t Even maintain a police escort with blue lights has a Baby in Schaffhausen against an unconventional birth. The Swiss officials had to stop and managed to bring the heavily pregnant mother in a blue light to help Gera most ambulance, in the Frau a few minutes later, a healthy baby girl to the world, such as the police of Schaffhausen announced.

The expectant father, was alarmed on Sunday evening a random passing police patrol, because his wife had to get in the passenger seat on the way to the hospital in a very violent blow. An officer took over the control of his colleague, drove the car with the blue light to the hospital. The officials are alert to the caution car is still a rescue, and drove towards them. Just in time for the cars met: the Baby didn’t want to wait any longer.

+++ 13: 32: Turkish travel barrier against Cologne’s Adil Demirci canceled +++

due to terrorist allegations in Turkey accused the Cologne social worker Adil Demirci can leave after about 14 months of pretrial detention and a ban on Leaving Turkey. A court had lifted the travel blockade, said his lawyer, Keles Ozturk of the German press Agency. Demirci had said on Friday that he hoped to be able to in this case, on the same day to Germany to fly. His phone was switched off in the early afternoon.

Demirci and his lawyer Keles Öztürk had requested in the last week, once again, a lifting of the lock, after on Wednesday in Germany Demircis mother to cancer, had died. Demirci, the dpa had said on Friday that he wanted to attend the funeral. The court had announced on Friday evening, it will delete the travel blockade. However, Demirci had to put it on Monday at a Bank of a Deposit of 20 000 Lira (about 3000 euros) behind. This edition, proposed by Demirci and Öztürk to yourself, such as Öztürk said.

+++ 13.16 PM: child admits to bomb threat against the Bank tax for the parents? +++

A twelve-year-old Boy has confessed to the bomb threat against a Bank in Neuss, near Düsseldorf, is responsible. He had thrown a piece of paper with the threat in a letter box of the Bank, as he had been there with his mother, reported a police spokesperson. An explanation for his behavior, he could not give.

The mother had turned at the weekend to the police, after her son had revealed to her. You have nothing noticed. The bomb threat led to an evacuation of action and a large-scale operation of the police. Roads have been blocked. An explosive device was not detected. The police checks, whether the parents are responsible for the behavior of her son and the use have to pay.

+++ 12.53 PM: postage increase: stock exchange club loaded at the Federal cartel office complaint a +++

The börsenverein of the German book trade, the German Federal cartel office complaint against Deutsche Post. The Post to be harmful to your Porto the competitiveness of small and medium-sized bookstores, and publishers, increases, also for book shipments, chief Executive Alexander Skipis said. “We call on the Bundeskartellamt therefore, to investigate the facts and to create a fair market situation for all Involved.” Publishers and bookstores made an important contribution to culture and society.

“Stationary book distributors need an affordable way to send books in order to assert itself against the pure Online trading. For small and medium-sized publishers in the post is not elementary to send books appearing in bookstores in width,” said Skipis. The Post reduce, in addition to the postage increase the dimensions for the previous books shipments, would have to be around a third of the previous book shipments in the future, as packages shipped – associated with a higher cost.

+++ 12.41 PM: Habeck: Green kick at the next election, again with a double top at +++

The Green-Chairman Robert Habeck has announced that his party will also compete in the case of an election at the Federal level, with the two top candidates. “Sharing Power is double strength. So we act, and we will do it more, definitely,” said Habeck in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. The double top was also, in retrospect, the secret to the success of his party. “A new understanding of Power means to be in the Team.”

demands for a speedy appointment of a green Chancellor candidate Habeck granted a cancellation. While it was important “that before an election in a timely manner with the party’s clarification on this. But since we’re not,” he said in the ZDF-show. The need to focus now to run a constructive opposition policy. “We are in the middle of a parliamentary term, which is difficult enough as it is.” the

Eco-party on the upswing

German wish for Green-chief Robert Habeck as Chancellor

The Greens are according to polls on the upswing. Accordingly, 27 percent would choose the Eco-party – for you to be the strongest force in Germany. Especially Robert Habeck wish for many as the new Chancellor.


+++ 12.20 PM: a subcontractor wants to hold back “Gorch Fock” as a Deposit +++

Before a Meeting of the creditors in the case of the “Gorch-Fock”-renovation of the Bredo shipyard has confirmed in Bremerhaven, Germany, that she wants to keep the naval training ship as a pledge. We hope further to an agreement with the Navy, the company said. Bredo want the Federal government assumes the accrued cost in the millions.

Bredo-managing Director, Dirk Harms, a legal opinion will be strengthened. He requested, in accordance with previous data, 4.3 million Euro discount. The Navy wants but not make any payments outside of the bankruptcy proceedings of the Elsflether Werft.

+++ 11.42 PM: ÖVP looks “fake scandal” in Mails about “Ibiza-Video” +++

The conservative ÖVP from Austria, e-mails, you should bring in connection with the “Ibiza-Video” around Ex-Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ), as a forgery-called scandal. It was the attempt of the party and to defame him is massive, said Austria’s Ex-Chancellor and ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz in Vienna. He was shocked about the criminal energy put behind the action. “This is a new Dimension in this direction.”

+++ 11.35 PM: Deadly bus crash in Indonesia due to a dispute between the passenger and driver +++

A dispute between a passenger and the driver has caused in Indonesia, a deadly bus crash. In the night’s accident, twelve people died in the Region of West Java, the police announced. 43 other passengers were injured and taken to hospital.

the accident was tried to be Caused, as a passenger in a dispute with the bus driver to gain control on the steering Wheel. The vehicle swerved to the oncoming lane and collided with two cars and a truck. “In the middle the travel a passenger tried to gain control of the steering Wheel. As a result, the Bus lost control,” said the chief of traffic police of the city of Majalengka, Atik Suswanti, the AFP news Agency. The 29-year-old passenger was injured, according to the authorities. If the bus driver survived the accident, was initially not known.

+++ 10.59 PM: Federal Prosecutor takes over investigation in the case, Lübcke +++

The attorney General has taken over the investigation into the fatal shooting of Kassel government President Walter Lübcke. A spokeswoman for the authority announced in Karlsruhe. Previously, other media, such as the SWR reported. Special forces had taken on early Saturday morning, a 45-Year-old in Kassel festival. Since Sunday, he sits under arrest on suspicion of murder in custody. His motive is as yet unclear. The suspect is said to have had according to information from security Compounds in the extreme right scene, at least in the past.

To not want to the reasons for the Takeover, the spokesperson of the Federal Express office of the ombudspersons. The attorney General pursued actions of terrorist groups. Investigations against perpetrators, he can take over but then, if the case because of the extent of the violation of the law and the impact of the fact of “special importance”.

+++ 10: 25: Kramp-Karrenbauer sees her party as a “construction site” +++

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the current problems of their party’s failures in front of your choice to the Boss. The CDU has failed in the last few years, their content, to further develop the concepts, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in the “morning journal” of the ZDF. “It is a construction site, this job site I took over.” Kramp-Karrenbauer had been elected in December as the successor of Angela Merkel in the CDU-to-peak.

even as the new Chairperson of the task, “to develop the party further to the front have now,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer. They asked for patience: “This is not a program for three days or three weeks,” said the CDU Chief. The party had to work “content to”, “should set up organizationally better,” and “human wide” work.

+++ 10.10 PM: in a Serious road accident in South Africa: at least 24 Dead +++

In the case of a frontal collision of a fully occupied mini-bus and a tourist bus in South Africa, at least 24 people have been killed. Four people were injured in the accident in the North-Eastern province of Limpopo difficult, the police announced. The victims were all occupants of the probably overloaded mini-bus type of Toyota Quantum vehicles will offer typically the 15 seats. The cause of the accident on late Sunday evening near the town of Modjadjiskloof’ll still being investigated, said the police.

+++ 9.58 PM: FPÖ-politicians Strache waives the mandate in the European Parliament +++

after the scandal video resigned as FPÖ leader and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache is not supposed to be in the European election-derived mandate. “A return to the active policy can and should be made only after the background of the Ibiza-Videos are largely solved,” wrote Strache in a press release published. His decision was not the result of political calculus, and certainly not a Deal, but simply a personally decision, it said. So he went on to speculate that the extremely promising candidacy of his wife Philippa for the national Council of Vienna FPÖ-country list, a prerequisite for his resignation on a EU mandate.

+++ 9.48 PM: seven and a half years in prison after knife attack on Eleven-year-old +++

Due to a knife attack on an Eleven-year-old in the lower Bavarian town of Vilshofen a 26 need to-Year-old for seven and a half years in prison. The judge at the district court of Passau sentenced the man for attempted murder. He had attacked the boy treacherously at the home of his parents. “The Survival of the boys is just very lucky,” said the judge. The motive for the crime have not be identified with certainty. The Eritrea-born man knew the family, because the parents supported him as a refugee helper.

The Prosecutor’s office had demanded for attempted murder nine years in prison, the defenders, two and a half years in prison for grievous bodily harm pleaded. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 9.43 PM: a teenager climbs on the wagon due to electric shock +++

life-threatening injured A Teenager has been living in a Cologne marshalling yard by an electric shock dangerously injured. The 17-Year-old climbed into the car in the night to Sunday on a boiler, such as the Federal police in Cologne announced today. There, the power was probably from an upper line by a so-called arc. The young people suffered burns and fell from the wagon. He came to in a hospital. Two other teenagers who were witnesses to the accident, could be heard, as they were after the incident at the goods station Cologne-Eifeltor in shock.

The Federal police pointed out that it may cause an electric shock even if you touch an overhead line. As soon as one comes closer than 1.50 meters to the line, there can be, therefore, an electric shock.

+++ 9.39 PM: a large-scale RAID against the operator of Cannabis plantations in the state of Schleswig-Holstein +++

More than 300 forces police and customs to poison the Morning of a large-scale RAID against suspected drug dealers moved out. The blow was aimed, according to the police in Flensburg against 18 men, suspected of illegal Cannabis to have plantations in the districts of nordfriesland and Schleswig-Flensburg and operated. The preceding months have been a long investigation, the main suspect is, therefore, the 56-year-old owner of a trade for gardening needs. He is said to have financed the other accused, in part, the establishment of plantations and, in some cases, the sale proceeds involved have been. At the time of the RAID, the investigators met with a 16 plantations with approximately 1500 plants and on the harvested drug.

+++ 9.36 PM: police in NRW finds Newborn alive in the garbage behind the house +++

In the garden of a house in North Rhine-Westphalia, Kierspe, the police has a living Newborn child found in the garbage. The 31-year-old alleged mother had previously been with a bleeding in hospital Hellersen treated, how the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen, and the police told Iserlohn. In the investigation at noon on Friday, it turned out that she had brought a child into the world. The police discovered the child then behind the house in Kierspe. The child girl was reported to be doing well. Against the mother’s remand was arranget. In the case now a homicide, the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, Hagen.

+++ 8.58 PM: a 62-Year-old in The crash of a glider near dies in crash of a glider in the state of Baden-Württemberg +++

Kirchheim unter Teck in Baden-Württemberg is the 62-year-old Pilot lost his life. By a towing aircraft in the air drawn machine of the man was immediately plunged after the release to the ground, as police and prosecutors informed rushed in Reutlingen and Stuttgart. Experts took an investigation to the cause of the accident.

The accident occurred yesterday afternoon, the glider crashed in a forest near the village of Beuren. Rescue workers found the wreckage after 15 minutes, the 62-Year-old any help came too late. He died on impact. Police and experts, including experts of the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation was entrusted to the public Prosecutor’s office with the cause of the error.

+++ 8.43 PM: Due to genocide of wanted Ex-General to voting in Guatemala in focus +++

During the presidential election in Guatemala for years, wanted Ex-General has been arrested. Luis Mendosa was yesterday, according to his voting before the polling station in Salamá arrested, police said. He is said to have been involved during the three decades-long civil war in Guatemala, the genocide of the ethnic group, the Ixil-Maya. “This arrest, we have been waiting for many years. For the victims it is very important,” said human rights lawyer Hector Reyes, of legal action against the alleged perpetrators of the genocide’s going on. The Ex-General has been sought since 2011, of the justice. Mendosa was one of the most important leader of the army during the dictatorship of Efraín Ríos Montt in 1982 and 1983.

+++ 7.55 PM: HSV holt allegedly Schweinsteiger’s brother Tobias into the trainer team +++

soccer-Bundesliga Hamburger SV brings to the information of the “Bild”newspaper, the older brother of world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger to the team coach. At the beginning and for Tobias Schweinsteiger in the national Park could be as early as Thursday. The new HSV head coach Dieter Hecking after Dirk Bremser his second assistant.

The 37-year-old Tobias Schweinsteiger used to be a striker for VfB Lübeck and last worked at second division FC Juniors OÖ, the training club of the Austrian Vice-champion Linzer ASK. His Trainer-debut he was at FC Bayern. With the U17 Tobias Schweinsteiger was as a Co-coach of Tim Walter, who now works at VfB Stuttgart, the German champion.

+++ 7.25 PM: Deadly shots on a graduation party in Philadelphia +++

In Philadelphia are In favor of a school closing ceremony yesterday evening fatal shots. At least four Teenagers and four young adults were shot, according to US media reports citing the police. One of the adults died of his injuries. The other victim is not living in danger. The local station NBC10 that around 60 young people were at the Party on a Playground in Southwest Philadelphia. The Tathintergrund is unclear. According to Fox29 combed the police the area for possible Suspects. For the time being, no one was arrested.

The shots formed according to the media the conclusion of a particularly violent weekend in the US metropolis in the state of Pennsylvania. CBS Philly reported 15 incidents with the use of a firearm, with at least 24 injured. In the US, was yesterday celebrated as in many other countries, father’s day.

+++ 7.14 PM: at Least 18 Dead in bus accident in Venezuela +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in the West of Venezuela, at least 18 people have been killed. The first determination results according to a tyre burst, apparently, as the Bus at high speed on a road in the state of Zulia on the border with Colombia, on the road, the police announced. Stuff according to 47 passengers were sitting in the Bus, eleven more were. 14 people died on the scene of the accident, four more in hospital, police said. About 30 injured have been treated, therefore, still in the hospital.

The streets in Venezuela due to a lack of maintenance as poor. Many buses and other vehicles are extremely old.

+++ 6.01 PM: power supply in Argentina and Uruguay to Blackout again. + + +

produced by the massive Blackout in Argentina and Uruguay, two South American countries have the power back on. The Argentine energy Secretariat of state informed that the power supply is made “100 percent” again. The cause of the power failure is still unclear.

The Argentine electricity network was broken yesterday Morning. This has led to a nationwide failure of the power supply for the 44 million Argentines. Also in the neighboring country of Uruguay, the grid was complete, affected 3.5 million people. Also, in some regions of Brazil and Paraguay, the power went out.

+++ 5.12 PM: community advises in Bonn on greater efforts in climate protection +++

representatives from almost 200 countries come together today in Bonn to discuss the implementation of the Paris climate protection agreement. The UN climate Secretariat UNFCCC-organized Meetings and serves as preparation for the in September in New York scheduled UN climate summit and the next UN climate conference in December in Santiago de Chile.

environmental groups have called on in the run-up to the European governments to strengthen their efforts in the area of climate protection and, as yet, submitted to contributions to repair. Above all, the Federal government should, however, rather than putting the brakes on, said WWF climate expert Michael Schäfer. In Bonn, there is also financial support of industrial countries for climate protection and the consequences of climate change.

+++ 4.38 PM: imprisoned democracy activist Joshua Wong in Hong Kong released +++

In Hong Kong, the inaftierte democracy has been left activist Joshua Wong. The leader of the “umbrella”movement, left the prison, Lai Chi Kok, such as an AFP Journalist reported locally. The 22-Year-old was sitting since may with a two-month prison sentence because he is said to have hampered 2014, the resolution of a protest camp.

+++ 4.10 PM: Protest in Hong Kong take – the police holding back +++

A day after the mass protest, with more than a Million people in Hong Kong, a smaller group has also demonstrated today in the vicinity of the government seat. The police, who wanted rooms in the Morning, the streets are free, held back, however. The protesters occupied a part of a large road, sat or slept on the floor. Today, some of the strikes to Protest against the government are planned.

Although the head of government Carrie Lam, the controversial law for deliveries to China on hold and yesterday the Hongkongern for their actions, has apologized, the anger among the seven million residents of the Chinese special administrative region is still large. The dispute over the law had Hong Kong in the biggest political crisis since long been overthrown.

+++ 2.46 PM: Nearly 800 migrants in Mexico, fixed +++

In the Mexican state of Veracruz, almost 800 Central American migrants are arrested, among them nearly 370 children under eight years of age. The migrants, most of them from Guatemala and Honduras, had been hiding the car in four of the last, informed the Mexican migration authority. According to information from government circles, six alleged tug were arrested.

The ostmexikanische the state of Veracruz is considered to be particularly harmful to migrants – through it is also one of the main routes for drug smuggling into the United States.

The USA under a Trump

This is German and lives since three years ago in Los Angeles. It is one of the eleven million illegal immigrants

Marie in Germany in front of a Burnout, before she travels to 2016 in the USA. As your tourists to expire visa will not return them. You should be caught, to threaten her now stiff penalties. Why she lives, nevertheless, prefer to with this fear than in their home country.

+++ 2.03 PM: the nuclear powers to give nuclear weapons is growing in importance, + + +

The nuclear powers, nuclear weapons give a report according to which a growing importance. The International Institute for peace research in Stockholm (Sipri) says in a report published today, although the number of nuclear weapons had gone around the world. The nuclear powers would modernise their nuclear arsenals, but. It is, thus, less nuclear weapons, but these should be new.

according to The report, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea had at the beginning of 2019 in total 13.865 nuclear weapons. The were about 600 fewer than a year earlier. China, India and Pakistan had increased their nuclear arsenals but. The decline in the number of nuclear weapons in the world is thus above all on the United States and Russia.

+++ 1.52 PM: the coalition pointed to some in the Reform of the land tax +++

The coalition of peaks of Union and SPD have, after months and years of disputes, a Reform of the property tax agreed. The coalition is seeking, that before the parliamentary summer recess, a first reading in the Bundestag would be held, and the law package for the property tax in a timely manner, so that it could enter into force this year, said in a in Berlin, disseminated the statement of the coalition. The coalition have come to an Agreement in all the substantial questions for the future collection of property tax. Details were not called.

According to information from the German press Agency, the agreement of the coalition tips also, especially from the CSU prior to the requested – controversial introduction of opening clauses for the Länder. The countries would thus, therefore, room for your own design options for the property tax.

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