In Egypt has started in the referendum on new powers for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. More than 60 million voters are called in the North African country, the three-day Referendum.

To vote on changes to the Constitution, Al-Sisi are, among other things, the possibility to extend his term up to 2030.

The head of state, was one of the first, held on Saturday morning, his voice, as in the case of a live broadcast on Egyptian state television. A Yes of the voters is considered to be safe. The decisive factor will be how the turnout goes down.

human rights activists and observers, however, expect no free vote and warn of a further deterioration of the human rights situation. The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch said that the amendments to the Constitution would undermine practice the dwindling independence of the judiciary and would give the military more Power to intervene in political life. Critics of the constitutional changes had been set in the past few weeks under pressure.

Egypt’s Parliament decided on the amendments to the Constitution on Tuesday with a two-thirds majority. Al-Sisi was elected in 2018, in the case of a controlled vote, with about 97 percent. His term of office expires, actually, in 2022. The amendments to the Constitution to give him greater influence on the occupation of high Offices in the judiciary. In addition, the military receives more powers.