Three years of the Offense of Dresdner hoarders-driver is. Then, in December of 2015 and in April 2016, is said to have passed the 34-Year-old at a primary school in the South of Dresden seven Times to a girl, reported the “Sächsische Zeitung”. Because of the sexual abuse of children, he had the responsibility now before the district court. Here, the Prosecutor’s office accused him to have indecent, a student of the second grade approached, to have it in the genital area, and at least once there, kissed touched.

district court of Detmold

“Now he can grab any more children” – the chronicle of the abuse scandal in Lüdge He confessed his act and went into treatment

In the Easter holidays of 2016, the girl told the parents and teachers of fact. The school immediately responded and found the man-to-speech. Without hesitation, this confessed his crime, announced at the school and turned himself in to the investigative authorities. He also confirmed the allegations, specifically, he remembered four of the seven alleged actions, writes the “DNN”. His own descriptions that the girl was very affectionate. The accused, himself a father of a daughter, has gone to shortly after the allegations in the psycho-therapeutic treatment, where he makes a therapy. The admitted pedophile inclinations forced him to quit his day job. He has taken up a new doctrine, while the affected pupil now lives in Germany.

probation of the defendant was free

spoken Now, three years later, has spoken of a court, the sentence: The man did not have to go to prison. He was sentenced to a suspended sentence of one year and nine months and had to pay in addition 2000 Euro to a charitable institution. Through his confession, the defendant is spared the child more days of trial before the court, what was credited to him as well, several media reports, according to the court, positively, as his apology and the fact that he previously and then has nothing more debt to come. Nevertheless, the judge stressed in the process that the man I knew as an educator, what he’s taking in his career. He has abused the confidence placed in him.

source : “SZ” / “Dresdner neueste Nachrichten”

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