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Eddie Murphy Net Worth, Age, Biography, Sales, Personal Relationships & More

Eddie Murphy is an American actor; comedian, producer, and director. He has got a lot of name and fame in the entertainment industry. Eddie is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. If we talk about movies they have grossed more than $6.7 billion at the box office. Throughout his career in the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000 he has been the highest-paid actor consistently. All the directors and producers wanted to cast for all the important roles. Let’s take a look at more personal and professional details of the actor.

Biography and Quick Facts

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Eddie Murphy was born in Newyork on April 3rd, 1961. He was born and raised in the Brooklyn area. His parents were normal people who didn’t have much money but they still took care of him very well. If we talk about his parents’ work his mother was a telephone operator while his father was a transit cop and a comedian. His father died when was only eight years old. Eddie and his brother spend time in foster care as their mother was also very ill. When his mother got recovery from an illness she got married again.

Murphy was very much obsessed with comedy when he was growing up. All the fans can notice that his work is very much inspired by Bill Cosby. When he turned 19 he got a chance to join the cast of Saturday Night Live. The show was losing all the charm and even ratings were falling down. As soon as Eddie made an entry it took the show to a new high. He is 59 years old while his height is five feet and ten inches.

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Film Career

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Eddie is an iconic and legendary actor and you will be surprised to know that his breakthrough story is equally inspirational. When he was working for SNL he made a screen debut within 48 hours as his popularity increased. His career went even higher as he stared in many smash-hit movies like Trading Places, the Beverly Hills Cop filmscoming to America, Harlem Nights, and another 48 Hrs. Due to all the hit movies, he was nominated for an Academy Award and also won the Golden Globe for working in Dreamgirls.

Net Worth

The total Net worth of Eddie is $400 million and his yearly salary has always been very high. Reportedly he gets $20 million for one movie and he easily earns $300 million as his salary throughout these years. In 2019 Netflix paid him $70 million and deliver a series of comedy.

Personal Life, Kids, and Relationships

Eddie got married to his long time girlfriend Nicole Mitchell. The couple got divorced in 2006 and he had to pay around $1.5 million for divorce settlements. If this isn’t enough he started dating Mel B from Spice Girls but that lasted for only one year. His love life has always been colorful as he has dated many women. The love life of Tracey Edmonds and Eddie started instantly but ended within one year too. You will be surprised to know that he has a total of 10 children from all his relationships.

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