Christian, are you an economist, her brother-in type she describes as a rather introverted people. However, they were recently with your students in the hambach forest. They occupied trees?

Christian: no, it was a study trip. And basically, I speak from the hambach forest: When one speaks of a forest, it sounds as if it going to any of the forests, which could take place anywhere. The deforestation of the hambach hornbeam-oak forest, however, for the extraction of the dirtiest of all fossil fuels, the brown coal is an inappropriate intervention in nature and the local Ecosystem. We have had studied the “energy turnaround in North Rhine-Westphalia”, data collected, discussions and on the Basis of the research a study published. We show that a phase-out of lignite in the Rhineland is unproblematic and does not lead to supply bottlenecks, as it was reported for 15 years by mistake.

So it is rather a study trip stealth Demo?

Christian: I believe that it is fundamentally wrong to think that politics takes place in politics, and that science is only good facts to deliver and to contain political standings. Politics also takes place in science and is at the same time very local, so that one learns at the most. I wanted to show the students. We also met employees of the RWE subsidiary Innogy, which makes renewable energy business and the writes to the flags. But, nevertheless, RWE from dredged massively the already largely decimated hambach forest, in order to promote cheap brown coal, which is all of us dearly in the future.


demonstrations like these against the brown coal mining in the Rhineland in October 2018 and increase the pressure on politics, the economy and every Individual to take climate change seriously.

©David Klammer/Laif

scientists as they Were far too quiet?

Christian: no. The first study of the phase-out of lignite, I’ve worked on, dates back to the year 2012. Already at that time showed that the occurrence of the coal in the hambach forest and in Garzweiler not need, by the way, not from the Lausitz, for example, in Proschim, and Leipziger Land in Pödelwitz.

Eckart: But you’re not penetrated, these findings scruffy without consequences. The voices that have pointed since decades to the limits to growth and global warming is predicted to have been ignored by the policy to a large extent. One of my favorite posters of Fridays for the Future is: “Why get an education when nobody listens to the educated?” What use is an education if no one listens to the Educated? I have the feeling that the change is just massive, that groups that have long thought politically, to interfere with the climate crisis.

How about you, Clara? Disco or Demo?

Clara: I’m in various movements active, and the topic of alternative energy was always present. As children, we are with our father in brown coal-mining areas of risks and we have looked at the.

Eckart: The were your Sunday trips …

there Was in the family Hirschhausen earlier political discussions at the dinner table?

Christian: The most exciting discussions on nuclear power were. Our father raised us in this post-war myth that nuclear power was safe and we needed them. You have to imagine that once, in the ‘ 60s were celebrated in the aces, the nuclear waste storage in lower Saxony, which is today threatened by the intrusion of water, children’s birthdays.

Eckart: but We must also say that our father is the most sustainable of all of us. While just sneaker manufacturers commend that you recycle now plastic, he still has a Couple of “Adidas record”, which are suddenly fashionable again.


How is this sustainable? Ingeborg von hirschhausen, 81, discussed it with her sons and her granddaughter.

©Dagmar threshold

Ingeborg: I remember that I went with my high school class enthusiastically to an exhibition on nuclear power after Stuttgart, we were blown away. Don’t Know what a rat tail is the draw that we had at all.

Eckart: I think that each Generation of your Aha-experience that lets you see the world differently. For me, the 1986 Chernobyl was, since I was 18 and on my way to Munich. I was on the highway and hitchhiked and thought, you know, where you should go. All these radio active cloud can. At that time, I have demonstrated in Wackersdorf. I wonder how my Generation will die with Anti-nuclear power, the Forest and the peace movement was growing up, so it has failed, the Knowledge of the limits to growth in policy and private Action. It is almost 40 degrees in Berlin today, sometimes, and I can’t escape the heat. This feeling of inevitability, I find physically and psychologically threatening.

to listen to the Recently-discussed members of Fridays for the Future, with members of Parliament here in Berlin’s Museum of natural history and got only platitudes. The protests sharper?

Clara: I think you are pretty sharp, but you still need to be wider. Civil disobedience is one of them.

Eckart: It is the brightest and most engaged young people and students, who are now on the road. If the experience that a year and a half leads to massive protests and mobilization to political decisions, are frustrated for life, in terms of democratic processes. This is a new genuine generational conflict. When I was invited by the Friday, to speak with the “Scientists for the Future” on the Demo in Berlin, I wanted to make as a generation project, with Clara and Christian. And for the conversation today, I am pleased, also our mother have it. Your Generation has lived “sustainable” before the word at all.

Ingeborg: As refugees, we lived in a small village in Baden-Württemberg and were stigmatized as those who had nothing. And of course, we have tried to reuse anything. The school folders we have described with a pencil, so you could use the wiped out in the next school year again. My husband ran barefoot to save the shoes. And also the food was often cooked from leftovers, or Remnants, nothing to throw away. For example, the peasants gave to read their fields free to the Ears, then you went and cut it and got a Kilo of flour for this. That was poverty. My mother became a kind of spokesperson for the refugeee-elected. As a woman got a child, she went to a wealthy farmer, and asked: Could you give this young mother a towel? And the farmer’s wife led my mother to a closet, in the layers of the stack of towels, always twelve piece. She pointed to it and said disarmingly: “you will understand, I can destroy not a dozen.” It kind of stuck. This is a way of thinking that can only occur when we know of the world, nothing and not look. And today I wonder: now Watch we enough? About the question of how refugees live with us.

your Generation has experienced the economic miracle, the life of the rapidly growing prosperity easier. Today we lament the consequences of this prosperity, however, has not given the security?

Ingeborg: of Course, it was also beautiful and a relief, as life was more comfortable. As Eckart came into the world, we owned no car. As the contractions began, drove us, thankfully, a neighbor to the hospital. This was not a rejection of Consumption, but we could not afford it easily. But it also went without. And also without a lot of long-distance travel.


Eckart (l.), 51, a doctor and a Comedian; Christian, 55, an Economics Professor at the TU Berlin; Clara, 21, a philosophy student

©Dagmar threshold

Eckart: it’s True, and you had never the feeling to be in the Maldives have been means to have missed something. Your history has shaped our Generation. This experience, that everything Material is gone and one is glad to have the Survival secured. The skepticism of the status symbols we all share. The first car in our family was a used, orange-coloured Passat was, the didn’t even have a Radio, which led to our Entertainment from the mouth of the organ inventory. That’s why I can sing many popular songs by heart.

For your Generation, Clara, are brand-name clothes is very important, it expresses who you are and who you are.

Clara: I think, that just because something changed. This excessive “Take what you can get” that leads to more happiness. We just have so much already. Of course, there is a distortion in the way I take things is true, because I am in my bubble in Berlin and at the University. But there are many who want to act now, you’ll want to eat less meat, not more flies. When I was ten years ago, a vegetarian, I was almost the only one, today, we are many.

you Can change the world at the supermarket checkout?

Christian: We need both political responsibility in collective decision-making processes, as well as the original ideas and actions of Individuals and groups. We have the current discussion, we should never in this intensity, if not Individual would show that you can also consume sustainably, if not the people over the years lived in the hambach forest, and would have protested. Civil disobedience is an important driver. For the past six years, we have a government that has set its own climate goals, but by mutual paralysis and passivity cracking misses.

What do you propose specifically? We need a CO2 pricing? A Speed Limit?

Eckart: Yes, both! It urgently needs a price, if you dirty the air, even if greenhouse gases are invisible, they stay there. And the speed limit there is, as a doctor, no second opinion, that We have Stress-less Deaths and injuries, less Dirt in the air, less. Our human health, the health of the environment and the planet are much more closely interlinked, as we have made clear a long time. The climate crisis is the greatest threat to health in the 21st century. Century. This is not my private opinion, but the official of the world medical Association, international academies of science, the journal “Lancet”. Even the Pope has got it.


Because of the drought in the South of India must in some regions of the tank the water provide to the people. Clara von hirschhausen, there was a volunteer of the year.

©R. Parthibhan/AP

The climate researcher Hans Joachim Schellnhuber’s called self-combustion. But many have not grasped the Dimension in which our existence is threatened, yet. The heat makes us to create people today already a lot of allergies to take infectious diseases from the tropics may spread via mosquitoes in Europe and, and, and. Most for the time, of course, other countries are affected. According to the International organization for Migration alone 2018, more than 17 million people had to leave their homes due to natural disasters and extreme natural events. There is a photo that I would like to show to lectures, because you can see how in California a forest is on fire, and before that, people play Golf. This describes our idiocy quite well. We are the only beings in nature which can see into the future, a concept of finiteness, and we behave so so short-sighted.

But how is the energy hunger of the world should be satisfied in the future?

Christian: The realization that you can cover the global energy demand by 100 percent renewable energy, is now almost Mainstream. Technically this is relatively easy to do, and it is also to Finance. To call nuclear power as a climate-protection technology, as it comes back in fashion, is because of the high risks of irresponsible and economically foolish. By the way, natural gas is not cleaner than coal because it contains a lot of methane, which is extremely harmful to the climate. The energy consumption must also be limited.

it’s not cynical, when we say Europeans, people in India or China, our lifestyle can not you have, sorry, you have to live with less prosperity, right?

Christian: It’s not as if that discussion only in the us. In India, for example, the solar energy is booming. Up to the year 2022, with additional capacity of 175 gigawatts to be built. China depends on us in respect of the renewable energy loose. In Bangladesh, we could switch from today to tomorrow, the Tuk-Tuks, the motorized Auto-rickshaws, from dirty two-stroke engines to electrically powered. To protect the climate does not have to mean non-Consumption.


“Humor can help to reflect contradictions.”

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Clara: In South India there are regions where water has to be managed with the tanker, because there is none. The monsoon has just exposed. But you must not give people solutions, they must themselves decideiden. I have made a year-long voluntary service. How many privileged German.

And for this it is okay to fly?

Clara: It is quite clear that voluntary services are something we make for ourselves. It is not so that we can help out there in the world people, but Germany will win, if its young people are somewhere else and learn. I am grateful that I was allowed to do that.

What have you learned there? What was your most important experience?

Clara: That we live in a very unjust world and that many structures that date back to the time of colonialism are still very present. And I have experienced, such as drought and lack of water feel.

Eckart: Humboldt has said, nothing is more dangerous than the belief of people who looked at the world, never. Clearly, flying is toxic. But you’re flying for a year, and not the short Shopping in New York.

The people are like sermons no morals. Eckart, you bring people in to your Shows to Laugh. Could reach you also on the issue of climate protection with a sense of Humor?

Eckart: Humor can help to reflect contradictions. An example from my current stage in program: imagine you are at the supermarket checkout for every Kilo of meat, a bucket with 20 litres of slurry is mandatory with. You have to take it home with you. And the cashier still asks: “do you Want a lid, or with a so? A lot of fun at a barbecue.” When I say the laughs of the audience and understands, Yes, eating meat is an enormous hidden price. I would be very much in favour of, in the case of food, a CO2-footprint is identified, in order to create an awareness of the fact that a beef soup produces ten times as many greenhouse gases as vegetable soup. And then the consumer thinks: I like the because really ten times as good? Nope.


“You can’t give people solutions, they must decide for themselves.”

©Dagmar threshold

Christian: But of course, one is quickly in a defensive discussion: The Ökospinner want to forbid us the flesh, to fly, to drive. We need more Regulation, an Individual can’t ensure that flying is more expensive than rail travel. And this is not a dictatorship, that is to make a Honest prices.

Eckart: policy today could be so much more courageous. When Smoking was banned in pubs, there was such an Outcry … And today all are happy about it, even the smokers. Many countries have a speed limit, and their Economies are not sane. There are many good examples of control and laws are worthwhile. The banning of CFCs the ozone hole to shrink, the desulfurization of gasoline and industry, the forest is remained in the exhaust gases to die out, and the climate agreement of Paris, is a start.


How a sustainable lifestyle is good for us and the earth, declares the new edition of Dr. von hirschhausen’s HEALTHY LIFE

wife of Hirschhausen, do you care about the future of Clara, her granddaughter?

Ingeborg: Yes, absolutely. We had the impression, we must roll up our Sleeves and this totally destroyed Germany to rebuild, even if it sounds arrogant. And now it is for the young people is actually more difficult than it is for us, you will have to solve much more complex problems.

Christian: I see things differently. Lens is the fast growing humanity better than in 1945. The prosperity has increased, but needs to be better distributed. And We have the opportunity to obtain our energy from 100% renewable sources. For me, the glass is half full.

Ingeborg: Every Generation wants to have the children better. And I very much hope, this also applies for the grandchildren.

Eckart: A Start is to talk about, in the family, at work, in Public. And what to do. It was an exciting study on the possibility to bind with reforestation carbon dioxide. Since then, I support Plans in my performances “-for-the-Planet” and plant, together with the spectators of the trees. This is not from today to tomorrow is effective. But it is stirring something!

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