Must be deported to Germany an asylum seeker in another European country, although the social system there are significant deficiencies? Among other things, the judge of the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, judgments today.

Background are several cases in which German courts to the ECJ for interpretation of EU asylum rules (cases C-163/17, C-297/17, C 318/17, C 319/17, C-438/17).

According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, Germany pushes to Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria currently very limited or not at all. It is not possible to ensure that the handling of the migrants in these countries, the EU-according to law.

in Addition, the German judges want to know from the ECJ, which rules apply, when a because of the lack of responsibility of rejected asylum seekers cannot be deported, because he is to be found. According to the Dublin rules of that country for protection seekers is usually responsible, you have to first enter European soil.

The Federal administrative court to the ECJ the question whether an asylum request can only be refused because the applicant was in another country already enjoys a subsidiary, so limited protection. In particular, there is the question of what role the decision plays in the quality of the social system in the country.