Sunny, warm and dry Easter weather: “the weather development for the two Easter holidays is no longer in doubt,” said Florian Bilgeri from the prediction headquarters of the German weather service (DWD) on Saturday.

“The already well-known high-pressure area, Katharina continues to provide quiet weather operations.” Only thin clouds and a few Cumulus clouds over the mountains could dim the sunshine for a short while.

during the day, are expected in many regions on Easter Sunday, temperatures of 20 to 27 degrees, close to the coast it is. the weather experts, however, is a bit cooler, with values between 15 and 20 degrees Cause of the constant North-East wind, which does not prevent the cold Baltic sea flows and a stronger warming, Bilgeri said.

On Easter Monday, it will remain Sunny, in the entire Federal territory of the North-East wind will be felt but again a little more. According to DWD, the daily maximum temperature between 21 and 27 degrees, close to the coast with 14 to 20 degrees cooler. In the course of a day, Wind, sometimes strong wind was moderate to fresh possible. In the nights it’s supposed to be when the sky is clear and cool – in the North and in the Eastern half of it could come out here and there to Frost close to the ground.

On Tuesday more clouds added to the sunshine, according to the DWD. Especially over the hill country can make greater use of spring clouds, so the risk increases of something. But: “The temperature level remains at a warm level,” said the DWD’s expert.