Without the prospect of candidates Boris Johnson, the candidate for the party leadership of the UK Tories in a first TV started to debate against each other. Had chickened out, so that at the 90-minute debate at Channel 4 on Sunday evening, only five of the six candidates were to see to the succession of the Prime Minister Theresa May. The candidates – all men – were the choice of the people, although they are elected in the current situation, only by the members of the government party. The Brexit, the it for a few months, the policy in the UK, was also the Central theme of the Evening. None of the candidates represents the exit of the UK from the EU in question.

Ex-Minister of foreign Affairs Johnson is an uncompromising supporter of Brexit. With a own campaign, he has influenced the outcome of the referendum is decisive. In the first Tory internal round of the election for the successor to Mays in the last week, he was landed with a large distance to square one. The former mayor of London has announced that a TV debate after the second round of the election next Tuesday to participate. Then, the number of applicants is expected to be already small.

vote on May-successor

Johnson promises Brexit to October

Boris Johnson: the fear of five Tories?

Johnson has been accused by its competitors on a number of occasions to give only a few Interviews. Even now, Jeremy Hunter, the acting foreign Minister noted With applicants, the question of a counter 27 EU countries wool to prevail, the fear, prior to the five-party friends “”. Johnson defended his absence by saying that the debate will in any case be only “slightly kakophon”. That will be the console debate remained during the Channel 4-empty, is likely to harm Johnson hardly. A good impression of the Tories not to leave since what felt like an eternity – and for many observers it looked on Sunday evening hardly better. The former Tory MP, Anna Soubry, who had left in Protest against the Brexit course, the party ruled, bitingly: “The loser of this Evening’s debate, the Conservatives were -.”

the Prime Minister May had resigned as Tory leader back, after you had received in your party for months, not a sufficient restraint for their Brexit course. According to the British practice, the Chairman of the government party is automatically Prime Minister. In addition to Johnson, Minister Hunt, the environment Minister, Michael Gove, the former Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab, the home Secretary, Sajid Javid, and the Minister for international development, Rory Stewart to apply the outside to Mays succession.