In Taiwan, it came to an earthquake. It reached a magnitude of 6.1, and brought the island state of vigorous Shaking. The quake occurred at 13:01 local time and was measured at a depth of about 18 kilometers, as the Taiwanese weather is not told in the office. The quake was felt throughout the island. Reports of major damage or victims, it was not initially.

people were in safety

In the capital, Taipei, were brought brought, according to authorities data, 30 people from an office building in safety, because it was tilted after the quake, slightly to the side. Also, the subway in Taipei was temporarily the operation.

In the mountainous Region of Hualien, where the quake was felt the strongest, met the falling stones, two tourists, as the local authorities.

The earthquake warning system had worked well, and the major transportation systems of the island had not been seriously affected, said Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang. Also, none of the nuclear power plants on the island had been damaged, reported Taiwan’s state news Agency, NCA.

earthquake ten years ago caused 2400 Deaths

In case of a severe earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 were in February of last year, 17 people in Hualien were killed.

In the vicinity of Taiwan two tectonic plates meet, on the island, the earth trembles again and again. A quake with a magnitude of 7.3 shook Taiwan in September 1999. At that time, more than 2400 people have died there.