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earthquake shakes southwestern Turkey (8.32 PM), the Second man, due to distribution of attack-Video-accused (7.02 p.m.) – Heavy Floods in Afghanistan (5.00 PM), Christchurch: the First victims of terror buried (1.22 PM)of Australia head of government, angry at Erdogan (0.49 PM)

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+++ 8.53 PM: in the media: May want to ask for Brexit-delay of three months +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is to ask according to Reports, the European Union, only a short Brexit-delay of about three months. This wool, you submit on Wednesday in a letter to the President of the Council, Donald Tusk, were reported by several British media, citing non-closer-called government circles. Downing Street refused to make any statement on request. Originally the UK wanted to be on the 29. March of the community of States separate.

+++ 8.33 PM: Juncker, a decision on Brexit-date +++

the EU is expected this week-President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is expected this week at the EU summit still no decision on a postponement of the Brexits. Probably you’ll have to again next week to discuss said Juncker in the Germany radio.

+++ 8.32 PM: earthquake of magnitude 5.5 in the southwest of Turkey +++

An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 shook the Morning the southwest of Turkey. The disaster management authority AFAD reported that the center had been situated in the district of Acipayam in Denizli province. AFAD reported several minor subsequent shocks from the same area. The state news Agency Anadolu, it’s supposed to have, as yet, given no major damage or victims.

+++ 7.36 PM: Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians in West Bank +++

During clashes at Joseph’s tomb in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers have killed two Palestinians. According to the Palestinian Ministry of health, both men succumbed to their gunshot wounds. According to the Israeli army yesterday, explosives were thrown from a vehicle, as Jewish pilgrims to the tomb visited. Soldiers would have fired on the vehicle. The Joseph’s tomb was in the past few years, the scene of clashes. Jews and Muslims venerate venerate the place. Once a month, the Israeli army and Jewish pilgrims allowed to visit the tomb. It always comes back to clashes with the Palestinians.

+++ 7.03 PM: the Second man because of the dissemination of Live Video from mosque attack accused +++

In new Zealand, has been accused by a second man who had spread the Live Video of the attack in a mosque in Christchurch on the Internet. The 44-year-old was taken to police sources yesterday, and because of the proliferation of inadmissible material in two of the charges accused. A judge’s pretrial detention ordered. In new Zealand a Teenager in custody who had spread the stop video also is already sitting. The investigators assume that the 18-Year-old directly involved in the attacks.

+++ 5.00 PM: More than 120,000 people in Afghanistan are affected by Flooding +++

After heavy storms in Afghanistan more than 122.600 people in Afghanistan are affected by Floods and are in need of humanitarian assistance. The UN organization for emergency relief (Ocha) said. Accordingly, 14 of the 34 Afghan provinces are affected. At least 63 people died as a result of the Floods in March, a further 32 were injured.

In the eight provinces of Farah, Kandahar, Helmand, Herat, Kapisa, Parwan, Sabul and Kabul are almost 5000 homes and more than 7500 damaged destroyed. In Afghanistan, it comes every year to Floods with many casualties. The rains follow the most severe drought in the country for years, which increases the risk of Flooding.

+++ 2.17 PM: Missing five-year-old in Argentina, in the desert again. + + +

found After 24 hours in a desert in Argentina to a five-year-old well has been found to keep. Around a thousand Volunteers had searched for the young boy in the province of San Juan in the West of the country, after he was reported missing by authorities, according to the information, during a walk with his family on Monday. In the area of wild Cougars. The child was found by a former rally driver. It was located 21 kilometers from the place of last seen. “I was cold, I slept poorly, based on a rock,” said the Little of the newspaper “Clarin”, as he was able to leave the hospital yesterday. There, he had been due to a slight dehydration treated. He had drunk water from a stream and Grass to eat, said the Boy.

+++ 1.22 PM: First victim of the terrorist attack of Christchurch buried +++

In Christchurch in new Zealand began in the Morning, the funerals of the first of a total of 50 victims of the terrorist attack on two mosques. First of all, the bodies of a man and his son in Memorial Park cemetery, were carried to the grave, as local media reports. The two were only joined a few months ago from Syria to new Zealand.

In the case of the racially motivated massacre last Friday have been killed according to the prior 50 people. A further 30 people were injured. The alleged perpetrator – a 28-year-old right-wing extremist from Australia – sits in pre-trial detention. Most of the victims come from immigrant families. In Islam, it is actually common that the Dead be buried within 24 hours. Because of the forensic investigations, the families had to wait longer for the release of the bodies of their loved ones.

+++ 0.49 PM: Australia’s head of government, angry at Erdogan +++

Australia’s head of government Scott Morrison has reacted angrily to Remarks by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the attack on two mosques in new Zealand. Morrison announced that the Turkish Ambassador in Canberra to be included. The Statements of Erdogan, he described as “very offensive”. Erdogan had condemned in the Turkish election campaign, the attacks as attacks on Islam and Turkey. At the same time, he threatened the Australians with anti-Muslim sentiments with the same fate, as it was the troops of the Entente powers of great Britain and Empire countries such as Australia, new Zealand and France in the First world war at the battle of Gallipoli against a mainly Ottoman forces.

“I see this as a very offensive comment, of course I do, and I’m going to request the Turkish Ambassador today for a Meeting with me to discuss this matter,” said Morrison ABC. In the case of the attacks in new Zealandcountry during the last Friday prayer 50 people had been killed. In the case of the alleged Shooters is a 28-year-old extreme right-wing Australians.

+++ 0.07 at: police officer shoots at man – A Wounded in Dortmund +++

A policeman in Dortmund, shot at a man. In this case, had been injured, said a police spokesman in Dortmund on Tuesday evening. Lives are In danger, suspended the man. The identity of the police could say nothing. Also why the officers shot the man, was initially unclear. A “picture”-Reporter on Twitter had reported about the incident.

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