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EA Play 2020 Will Be Held When E3 2020 Would Have Been

Gaming Giant Electronic arts has given more details about showcasing the upcoming summer games. EA play live is going to happen very soon and this time they are planning to go digital. As we all know that E3 2020 has been cancelled so Battlefield and Star wars publishers are focusing more on bringing EA to play 2020. If you want to know more details about keep reading our article.

What is EA play 2020?

EA play 2020 is the extension of EA games which were being held for a few years. Coronavirus has hampered the schedule of all big games, movies and even television shows and that’s why E3 already got cancelled. All eyes are on EA as it is going digital and will be bigger and better than ever. Full details are not out yet as there is news coming out in small bits every day. Fans are truly excited as we all remember that the previous games of EA play went on for multiple days.

People in large quantity gathered the field and there was lot of media and their cameras were buzzing with pictures. The presentation and the tournament were high quality as a lot of money was invested in the making. The developers knew for a fact that attracting a large number of people isn’t easy so the game tournament should be wonderful.

News and Updates about EA play 2020

Electronic Arts released a small trailer on their twitter where they discuss how grand the game is going to be. They discussed EA play and also talked about the upcoming events and games they are planning. They also announced that every news and updates will be given on their official website. EA is going to be the first-ever company who will hold a conference when E3 actually takes place. Microsoft, Ubisoft and Square Enix are also hoping to do the same activities in the near future. They are thinking about titles for EA and some of the titles they have thought about are FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21, and NHL 21. The titles will be based on normal sports games.

They are also planning to launch a few other games which will be exciting to see. Not only a new sports game will be launched there will be another Star Wars game for EA motive as well. You will be surprised to know that EA is also working on another intense battlefield game which is still in the developing stages. It will come out in 2021 and will be very interesting.

Why was E3 cancelled?

E3 was scheduled for a launch in June this year but sadly due to coronavirus things didn’t go as planned. However, if E3 was planned for this summer the players couldn’t have participated in the game due to social distancing. The famous companies are looking for ways to release it digitally however this will take time.

When is EA coming out and how can I stream it online?

Good news is that EA is coming out on June 11th 2020 and the event is going digital. You can visit and stream the game online with a variety of platforms. As the game will be compatible with different platforms you can stream it live and enjoy it.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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