clear the ring for dressage, Clowns and Siberian camels: Circus Paul Busch, wild animals are a part of the program. Exactly not for everybody. The city of Düsseldorf relies, therefore, on a ban on wild animals in the circus and has been denied a planned guest appearance in the autumn, in the sense of animal protection.

“the Circus Paul Busch” does not want to give up his appearance right without a fight and complains now with the support of the Association of German circus company (VDCU) against the city of Düsseldorf. According to Reports, the “westfälische Rundschau” is the circus in a case pending against the city at the administrative court. “Paul Busch” in terms of the judgment with confidence, because the Same court had decided this week, in summary proceedings in favor of the other circus’.

wild animal ban in the animal protection law

it was the circus, “Charles Knie”, had filed a complaint against the city of Krefeld. 2016 had chosen this city Council, therefore, against circus performances with wild animals. Since this is neither enshrined in the animal welfare act and also against the freedom to choose an occupation contrary, had given the court the circus right.

Monika Piasetzky, the Chairman of the düsseldorf-based animal protection Association, says on the subject, according to the “RP Online”: “Wild animals do not belong in human hands.” The decision of the city, appropriate performances, not to be right and important, so the animal rights activists. This regulation is now being challenged in court, find you quirky.

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