“In the name of Canterbury – we are very sorry” on a piece of paper at the crime scene. People here, in the center of the ancient southern English metropolis, flowers placed. The city is shocked by the brutal attack on a German exchange student that had occurred there last Thursday evening.

Several days after the fact is a certainty, what had speculated to the media after the attack: The pupil is in a coma. The his home city confirmed on Wednesday. The 17-year-old victim in Mönchengladbach to school and on completion of travel with a total of two classes, was quoted by the German press Agency, a spokesman for the North Rhine-Westphalian city. “His condition is serious,” he added, The mother is with her boy, had emergency surgery in a London hospital. The “Rheinische Post” had previously reported.

Apparently, a fight with many people in the City of Canterbury

The students with Lebanese roots, was attacked on Thursday evening in the South-East of Canterbury, of several young people, possibly for racist reasons. He was flown with serious head injuries in a London hospital – London is located around 100 kilometers from Canterbury.

A Person who observed the Events and in the vicinity of the crime scene in a commercial work, told the news website “Kent Online” the disastrous Happened: “There were two large groups of people,“ said the Person who made the report does not indicate whether the person is male or female. It had been a kind of confrontation. Suddenly, the exchange student was on the ground”.

“It was terrible. Probably 40 people were there,” said the Person. Because so many people were involved in the scramble, had it not been for outsiders is impossible to intervene. As an individual in such a group with all of these young people – “you wouldn’t be able to do”.

class-travel aborted

“our thoughts are with the boy and the family,” said the spokesman mönchengladbach. The victim was his information that with other students when the attack occurred. After the act of violence, the class trip, which was planned to Saturday, was cancelled prematurely. “That’s not gone unnoticed over to the students. They were shocked and concerned,” said the city spokesman. Before the return journey, the young people had been questioned by the police. The school psychological service is now for the young people responsive.


The consequences of heavy brawl is supposed to have according to British media, in the city of Canterbury, Whitefriars Street, occurred (marked in red)

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The police according to a report in the newspaper “The Guardian”, among other things, a possible racist Background. After the attack, six Teenagers were arrested from Canterbury and the surrounding area at the age of 15 to 17 years of age, as well as a 44-year-old man. The man stood under the suspicion of state aid. All those arrested were released on bail. The police was looking for witnesses to the attack.