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China’s foreign trade, in December (7.09 PM) Canada’s air traffic controllers donate US colleagues Pizza (6.50 PM)to return Fewer refugees for money (2.53 PM)Weber criticized the AfD as the “German Brexit-party” (0.14 PM)

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+++ 8.57 PM: Again gas explosion in a Russian apartment building – at least one Dead +++

In Russia has once again destroyed in a gas explosion parts of a residential building. In the case of the accident in the town of Shakhty in the South of the country, a woman came at least killed as the civil defense announced. Seven people were rescued from the destroyed apartments. In the case of four residents, the fate is still unclear, reported the Agency Interfax. Rescuers assume that people were buried alive in the rubble.

collapsed high-rescued house

After 35 hours from the rubble: a Baby is better


Only at the new year’s eve, a gas explosion in the city of Magnitogorsk in Siberia, a part of a large building to collapse. While 39 people had been killed.

+++ 8.15 PM: New Instagram record: Brown Egg is more popular than Kylie Jenner +++

A brown egg the Instagram has cracked the record of U.S.-Model Kylie Jenner (21). Until this morning the Egg had Like, more than 23 million “like”clicks. The record of Jenner with a photo of your newborn baby held previously, it had posted in February 2018 and more than 18 million people like. The unknown owner of the account “world_record_egg” (“a new world record-Egg”) had created the account until the beginning of January to achieve with the photo as many clicks as possible. “Let us together set a world record with the most gelikten entry on Instagram.”

The Online magazine, “Buzzfeed” was the new world record holder as the “Henrietta,” a chicken from the British province. “I realized the competition. It was nothing Personal,” said the user of the magazine upon written request.

+++ 8.06 PM: farmers despite drought aid to billion in damages +++

to sit, Despite the multi-million dollar drought assistance from the Federal government and the länder, the German farmers to remain on a billion damage. Farmers ‘ Association, President Joachim Rukwied said the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “Even if we deduct the prospect of drought assistance in the amount of 340 million Euro, of approximately 2.5 billion euros in damages.” The affected companies were impacted over the next few years. “This summer, according to acts,” said Rukwied. More than 8000 companies accounted for according to the Association, an application for drought assistance in the provinces. This is also evidenced by the great Distress, said Rukwied.

+++ 7.38 PM: cargo aircraft in Iran, in residential area +++

In Iran, a cargo plane crashed apparently crashed. The machine with ten people on Board had crashed near the capital Tehran, in a residential area, reported the Iranian state television. The Boeing 707 is shot at landing on the runway, said a spokesman for the Iranian aviation authority, the broadcaster Irib.

As the news agencies Fars and Tasnim reported, came the meat-Laden military aircraft from Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek. The broadcaster Irib reported that the Pilot had controlled during the approach to the airport Fath in the province of Albors-East of Tehran the wrong runway. The plane then crashed into a house.

+++ 7.09 PM: China’s foreign trade, a +++

breaks in December, The customs dispute with the US and slower economic growth, the Chinese foreign trade at the end of the year. Exports fell in December in US Dollar terms compared to the previous year, to 4.4 percent, the government in Beijing. The imports declined by 7.6 per cent. Experts had expected a weak result, but in both the From and imports a Plus. Both values were also as bad as it has been for 2016.

+++ 6.50 PM: Because of the “shutdown”: Canadian flight donate Pizza for US-colleagues +++

pilots Because of the Government shutdown in Washington, you have seen for weeks, no salary, but receive a number of U.S. air traffic controllers at least a little support from North of the border. Canadian air traffic controllers would have bought for your colleagues in the United States in recent days, hundreds of pizzas, reported the canadian public broadcaster CBC. The US Controller thanked the Canadians, with whom you work with every day in Monitoring the North American airspace, for the “true proof of solidarity”.

armed border wall

“I’m going to Buy medications or food?” Government closure lock has a dramatic impact

By Marc Drewello

The budget in the USA was on 22. December started. The background of the “shutdown” is the dispute between President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats over the President’s requested money for the construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States. How are the pizzas arrived to guide the hungry flight, not mentioned in the report.

+++ 5.42 PM: Second black box from the crashed Lion Air machine found +++

Two and a half months after the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX, the Indonesian airline Lion Air, the second black box has been found. Divers discovered the Cockpit voice recorder in the Morning, as a head of the AFP news Agency said. A few days after the crash of the passenger plane divers had already seen mountains, the flight data recorder. The two black boxes are in the elucidation of the cause of the plane crash of Central importance.

crash of the Boeing 737 Max

man against machine: The battle in the Cockpit of Lion Air

The Lion-Air machine was on 29. In October, shortly after the launch in Jakarta, into the sea plunged. All 189 occupants were killed. A preliminary investigation report revealed in November that the plane may not start would have been due to serious technical defects. It had problems with the speed indicator and the AOA Sensors, which deliver data to, in which angle the Wind blows over the wing and how much lift a plane. On a crash, the investigators were not.

+++ 5.06 PM: Podolski reactions to ribéry’s Gold-Steak-to-extreme +++

football professional Lukas Podolski holds the Hype around the Gold-Steak affair of Franck Ribéry covered for. “Everyone should live his life the way he sees fit. Whether he what food brings to, buy a car, or to which club he currelt – I don’t care,” said the 33-year-old Ex-national players in Gummersbach. “The Steak I have the same opinion. If the Steak is golden, or silver or bronze, which I actually don’t give a shit. I think he is not a different person when he skin a Gold-Steak or a kebab to eat.”

Podolski finds ribéry’s action was triggered in the previous week with his Post in the social media part of great indignation, “not so dramatic”. But also the reactions on the Internet, as well as the media coverage being excessive. “In Germany, this is extreme. If I, as Lukas Podolski is now a kebab to eat, they say: Bow, what a Horny guy! And if I were to smack me the next day, a Golden Steak, it is called: What in the world is this asshole?” The Frenchman insulted his critics in the network of evil, the Offensive player of Vissel not Kobe but a good one: “In retrospect, he also knows that he has responded, perhaps too early or too fast.”

+++ 2.53 PM: the refugees ‘ return on incentive programs in the home back +++

The number of refugees, the return on a funding programme of the Federal government on a voluntary basis in their home, apparently dropped in the last three years. From January until the end of November 2018 15.089 people would have taken the offer, reports the “Rheinische Post” citing the Federal office for Migration and refugees. Throughout the year 2017, the authority was one of therefore 29.522 voluntary returnees, 2016, there were even 54.006. “The – in comparison relatively high number of the authorized voluntary Departures in the year 2016 is to be paid in connection with the in this period of historically high access protection in Germany search for people to see,” said a spokeswoman for the Bamf of the “Rheinische Post”.

The Figures of the authority relate solely to the Federal government and the States offered programs for returnees. The travel costs will be borne by those wishing to Return and, depending on the case, a further travel allowance and start-up funds for the new life in the home country.

+++2.22 PM: Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia fails in the Playoff quarter-finals, + + +

missed The Philadelphia Eagles from the US Football League NFL have the indent in the Playoff semi-finals. The defending Champions failed in the quarter-finals of the New Orleans Saints with 14:20 (14:10). Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles will be the Team with two Touchdowns (Pass, run) in the first quarter with a 14:0 lead, in the connection, only scored in the hosts.

New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees impressed with the 301 Pass Yards, two Touchdowns and an Interception in the NFC Divisional game. For the decision in favor of the Saints players Marshon Lattimore, who was able to just capture two minutes before the end of the game, his second Interception ensured the defensive. Super Bowl Hero Foles finished the game with 201 Pass Yards, a Touchdown and two Interceptions. In the final of the NFC, the number one seeded Saints to receive this coming Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams.

+++ 0.54 at: Trump Turkey threatens with economic destruction +++

Donald Trump has in case of Turkey’s attack on Kurdish forces in Northern Syria prior to the “economic destruction,” warned. The Turkey will be destroyed, “economically”, if you are attacking the Kurds, wrote to the US President on Twitter. “At the same time I don’t want the Kurds are provoking Turkey,” he added in another message. Trump spoke also of the creation of a safety zone of 32 kilometres, but closer.

with the U.S. allied Kurds in Northern Syria fear after the withdrawal of US troops from the country, an attack of Turkey. Ankara sees Kurdish fighters as terrorists and the extended Arm of the Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had declared on Tuesday that it will very soon come to action, “to neutralize these terrorist organizations on Syrian soil”.

+++ 0.14 PM: Weber criticized the AfD as the “German Brexit-party” +++

the leading candidate of The European people’s party for the European elections in may, Manfred Weber, has warned of a rise of the AfD. “With the AfD, we would get in Germany, too, by British standards. This is the German Brexit-party”,-said Deputy Chairman of the CSU in the “Bild-Zeitung”. The AfD yesterday had decided on their European election meeting in the Saxon town of Riesa your program for the European elections. The party of Germany does not consider withdrawal from the EU inevitable, and if this changes in the foreseeable future radically. In the slogan of the “Dexit was provided” as a possibility already after one term.

The impending withdrawal of Britain Weber described as a “tragedy” and added: “such A standoff, such a self-induced mess I have experienced in my political career. If you want to know what happens, if one follows the populists and nationalists who finds the answer to the Brexit.”

mad / DPA / AFP

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