Empty flowers picked buckets on an uninhabited balcony, a Bay of lübeck duck lady as a nesting place for themselves and their offspring. The Small, however, came a few times to the edge of the balcony, so close that residents were concerned that the Chicks would fall down. So they summoned the fire Department, as first of the “Lübecker Nachrichten” reported.

Small but mighty!

So clever baby ducks

The rescuers brought their ladder, went up to the balcony and probed the situation. The mother Duck didn’t like it at all. They made the departure, and settled a few meters away on the Lawn. From there you will be eyeing suspicious of the Goings-on.

The fire brigade forces, with a transport basket, wherein all the Chicks should be gently down, transported. Six Chicks were in the Nest. These were shipped in the basket and firefighter Florian Englert close to her mother again exposed. Subsequently, the United family waddled together, the “Lübecker Nachrichten” reported.

ducklings are considered to be quite clever,

ducklings are generally believed to apply in the opposite country by the way as a pretty clever, as researchers from the “University of Oxford” were able to show some time ago, using a experiment. They proved that young ducks have a complex thinking, which could save you in case of an emergency, even life. You are able to recognize their mother even under changed conditions, such as color, shape, or behavior.

This ability has only been observed at very few other animals. “Ducks waddle, swim, and fly, and change continuously their shape. The chick had only a visual snapshot of your mother, you would lose,” explains zoologist Antone Martinho of the “University of Oxford” in the journal “Science”.

sources: “Lübecker Nachrichten” / “Science”