It sounds a bit like from the movie “the Hangover”: The two 19-year-old Englishman Tara Hammersley and her best friend, Jack knife celebrated in the town of Crawley in Sussex. At some point, the psychology got student of Tara’s Hunger. Then they drove to the airport, to Gatwick, to buy fast food.

Jack knife said the “Sun”: “It was only 15 minutes away from the Club, and seemed to us to be the best place to buy food.” But when the two saw many of the aircraft, decided to Jack to look for airline tickets. The Teenager chose a flight to Barcelona, what Tara can no longer remember, however.

“I can’t remember. But Jack has filled me – the last thing I know was that me in the toilets in the Club bad,” she said, “The Sun”. Jack could remember, after booking, nothing more. How the two have managed to get through the security checks and in the Easyjet plane, they could not explain.

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Please can I have 2 tickets for the next flight out of here

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Without money and clothes in Barcelona

But the terror came to Tara and then on the plane: “When I woke up during the flight, I had no idea where I was. My first thought was that I’m dead and on the way in the sky,” said the 19-year-old “The Mirror”. Eventually, Jack fell back on, you have to fly to Barcelona.

But that’s not enough. Both of them had neither money nor clothes, only what they were wearing and a credit card. But you have made the Best out of your spontaneous vacations, and a few days spent in Barcelona. The next holiday is coming for Tara but so fast. Their mother has their passport confiscated.

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