The main messages in summary:a Drunk passenger attacked a train driver – because of him was driving too fast (14.37 hours), and May further vote on Brexit could contract cancellations (13.26 PM), the Prime Minister received the Manifesto of the assassin a few minutes before the fact (10.40 am) – by the police because of the sword during filming of Rap Video (9.31 p.m.)Trump French government criticized to the yellow West-protest (7.29 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 14.37 watch: Drunk passenger attacked a train driver and forces it to stop +++

A drunk passenger attacked in a ICE from Frankfurt to Paris because of too high speed the driver with a fire extinguisher and a forced stop. The train had to hold an unscheduled stop in the Hessian town of Mörfelden-Walldorf, as the Federal police announced. In a state of shock standing driver broke his service. About 220 passengers had to return with a replacement driver, around 15 kilometers from the Frankfurt main train station and continue their journey on other trains continue. Injured it was not.

+++ 13.58 watch: Kremlin chief Putin visited Crimea for the fifth anniversary of the “Union” +++

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin visited on Monday, on the black sea Peninsula of Crimea, the celebrations for the fifth anniversary of the “reunification” with Russia. Meeting with society representatives of the Republic of Crimea and the black sea city of Sevastopol, are planned in Simferopol, the Kremlin said in Moscow. In addition, the President at the opening of a power plant in Simferopol, as well as a Video-conference further generating stations will participate in the Black sea. In Sevastopol, the base of the Russian black sea fleet, wool, Putin will also visit the war memorials, – stated in the message.

Putin inaugurates the Crimean bridge

If the “best” President, the “best” bridge opened

Vladimir Putin crosses them first and celebrating a “historic day”. Millions of viewers are following their inauguration on live TV: A bridge that connects the Crimea with the Russian mainland, in Russia a national Hype.

By Ellen Ivits +++ 13.26 PM: May could do without further vote on Brexit-contract-cancel +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, could, according to members of the government on a previously planned third vote on the Brexit Treaty. The government will put the contract again for a vote, if a consent resolved, said Finance Minister Philip Hammond of the BBC. So far, May had announced, until the EU summit on Thursday and again over the earlier by the Parliament twice rejected the exit to let the contract to a vote.

+++ 13.20: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank start talks on merger +++

The two largest German private banks, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, talks about a possible merger. The banks have agreed, “the result of open discussions about a possible merger,” as it was called in a communication. A merger of the two Frankfurt banks is speculated for months.

+++ 13 p.m.: in Front of the spring, witty April “weather” +++

Once in the past few weeks, Deep into Deep Germany, announces in the middle of the coming week in the spring. “The stormy times tend slowly to an end,” said Markus Evils from the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach. Before, but it was still cold In the night to Monday, the temperatures drop to values between 0 and 5 degrees. In many places, it rains in the Alps, snow falls in the valleys.

+++ 10.40 am: the Prime Minister of new Zealand received the Manifesto of the assassin a few minutes before the fact +++

The new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has the extreme right-wing Manifesto of the mosque’s would-be assassin of Christchurch nine minutes before the attack. “I was one of more than 30 recipients of the Manifesto, which was sent via E-Mail nine minutes before the attack took place,” said the head of government in front of journalists. Ardern pointed out that in the hate writing the fact were do not contain any location information or the Details to the before. The document had been forwarded to two minutes after the receipt of the security authorities.

stop in new Zealand

Video and Manifesto of the mass murderer have to go viral: Why social networks fail

A whole hour of the Livestream of the was to Protect of Christchurch to see on Facebook. And even after his profile was blocked, spread the Video via social networks. The case shows how flawed are the control mechanisms.

+++ 9.58 PM: Macron condemned violence in the “yellow West”-protests +++

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has condemned the renewed violence during protests of the “yellow West”movement sharp. What on Saturday on the Champs-Élysées happened, one could no longer be described as a Demonstration. “The are people who want to destroy the Republic, at the risk of killing. Everyone who was there, was involved,” the President said.

On Saturday it was in Paris, again to massive riots in the “yellow West”protests to come. Around the Champs-Élysées look to have taken, stores looted, Restaurants trashed and cars torched. A dwelling house went up in flames, several people were injured. Macron was on Saturday according to Reports, actually on a skiing holiday in the Pyrenees, but returned on Saturday evening to Paris. In the interior Ministry there was a crisis meeting.

+++ 9.31 am: police are using it because of the sword during filming of Rap Video +++

A rogue sword has been triggered when they were shooting a Rap video in Bavaria, a visit from the police. An operator of a gravel plant, informed the police, because on his site multiple disguised people with a sword were staying, the police announced. Two police patrol drove to the factory in Gundelfingen. There, it turned out that seven of the 18 to 22-year-old men were without permission on the site to make a Rap Video. In the case of the sword it was only a blunt decorative items.

+++ 9.08 PM: wrong-way driver builds accident and dies Two injured +++

driver has built A false on the highway 9 in Bavaria in an accident and is fatally injured. The 82-Year-old was driven 40 miles in the wrong direction. Finally, he crashed in the town, with another car, the police announced. The 82-year-old wrong-way driver died still on the scene of the accident, he was alone in the car. Two occupants of the other vehicle were injured in the accident, one of them seriously. The A9 was blocked.

+++ 7.29 PM: Trump criticizes French government to the yellow West-protests +++

After the massive riots in the recent yellow West-protests in Paris, US President, Donald Trump has attacked the climate policy of the French government. “How does the Paris climate protection agreement for France?”, Trump wrote on Saturday in the short message service Twitter. “Not so well, I guess after the 18 weeks of ongoing unrest, the yellow West-protesters!” At the same time, Trump praised his own climate policy. The United States had risen to “all the lists to the environment to the top”.

conspiracy theory

A picture makes for speculation: Did Melania Trump hired a DoppelgangeR?

once Again a rumor is cooking in the net: Melania Trump should have hired a Double, which represents them at official events. A picture from Alabama, pours Oil on the fire of the rumor mill.

The news from Saturday:+++ 17.41 PM: shipwreck in the Bay of Biscay, experts continue to fight against oil Spill +++

in Spite of bad weather conditions forces to fight after the sinking of a freighter in the Bay of Biscay against a possible oil Spill on France’s West coast. You try the drifting Oil slicks continue to contain, shared with the competent Seepräfektur. The lake was rough, but to continue the work.

at the same time the third party will discovered in the sea drifting Oil slick was investigated. It was there where the ship sank, said Stéphane Doll, Director of the water pollution specialized facility Cedre on Saturday. The beginning of the week, you’ll know more about it. The layer of Oil had been discovered on Friday and, according to the Prefecture, a reference to the fact that the wreck is still heavy oil free.

+++ 17.32 PM: Boy Union selects lower Saxony Kuban to the new Federal Chairman +++

The Young Union (JU) has the lower Saxon lawyers Tilman Kuban elected as the new Chairman. In a vote of the 31-Year-old won with 200 of 319 valid votes, or 62.7 percent against the members of Parliament and Thuringia, JU-Chairman Stefan Gruhner, 34,. The election, on the extraordinary English Parliament was necessary because of the previous Chairman, Paul Ziemiak was become in December, the new CDU General Secretary.