+++ 06.21 PM: start help for drunk driver +++

A drunken driver has asked, in Rhineland-Palatinate, the police in order to start. As the official car their patrol in the small town of Mayen stopped, and with the man of languages, they found, according to police information, he had to have quite looked deep into the glass. In addition, they noticed fresh of accident traces in the car, could not explain to the driver. He was only able to be from a private Party came and to need start-up assistance. His driver’s license, the man had to give up the first time.

+++ 05.06 PM: the UN security Council has been concerned about Forces gaining ground in Libya +++

The UN security Council, “deeply concerned” about the advance of troops of the Libyan General Khalifa Haftar in the capital Tripoli. The panel called on the General for an urgent meeting in New York to stop any troop movements. Its fighters want to be struggling to take Tripoli, where the international recognized government is the Power in the oil-rich country. Haftar is supported by Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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front man of the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger successful heart surgery


+++ 05.06 PM: Demonstrations against housing shortages and high Rents +++

With several demonstrations in different cities and the beginning of a people’s desire in Berlin today want to protest, thousands of people against rising Rents. The largest Demonstration in the Germany-wide day of action is expected in Berlin. The Demonstration officially registered 6,000 participants under the Motto “Together against displacement and rent madness”. Demos are also planned in Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt. In Berlin are collected from today, signatures for a referendum for the expropriation of housing corporations.

+++ 04.31 PM: labour Minister healing wants to separate wants to commit to a retirement Fund +++

Federal Minister for employment, healing (SPD) to undertake the self-employed by law for retirement. The self-employed should be provisions, either privately or via the statutory pension insurance for old age, said the salvation of the “Rheinische Post”. A bill he will submit by the end of the year. In Germany, three million self-employed persons in the age not to be covered, said the Minister for justification. Even for the self-employed need apply, “that one is secured, to a life of hard work”. Therefore, you should be in the future secured by either a member of a pension scheme or by the so-called Rürup pension, or in the statutory pension insurance will occur.

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