the long table is cozy covers: The people who have gathered in a Café not far from the Frankfurt St. Paul’s Church, are as varied as the population of the Bank in town.

women with headscarf or without, faces with light or dark skin color: they are all waiting for Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. For about an hour, he will discuss with you about topics such as Integration and immigration, but also about the everyday life in Frankfurt’s station district, with its drug-related crime. “It was a very intense conversation,” says Steinmeier later. “Controversy is part of democracy.” It is important to work in a spirit of mutual respect to find solutions, acceptable to all.

The Federal President is coming to Frankfurt in a time in which the city unit is always in the focus of public attention. Since August 2018, the Turkish-born lawyer Seda Basay gets-Yildiz again and again Drohfaxe with the signature “NSU 2.0”. In it, you will be insulted in a racist and threaten your family. The lawyer representing the Beate Zschäpe and the terrorist group “national socialist underground” (NSU) victims, and defended by a process other alleged Islamist threat.

it turns out that background knowledge of the lawyer from the police information system, a computer, an official of the 1. Station in Frankfurt has been queried. In the course of further investigation of an alleged right is revealed extreme chat group in the Frankfurt police. Six officials have been suspended, the investigation is not yet complete. Who sent it with “NSU 2.0”, signed threatening letters, it is so far unclear. The investigations are still in progress, said a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office.

Steinmeier is coming on Thursday to speak in the morning after a Meeting with police officers on the threats against the lawyer: “This is not a Frankfurt topic, but a topic that is now discussed about the borders of the city, and, therefore, of interest to me, of course, what the allegations may be.”

in the Short term a Meeting with Basay had been agreed to during his one-day visit in Frankfurt-Yildiz. The conversation remained confidential, the attorney does not wish to comment anyway to the public to the Drohschreiben.

the President of The German bar Association, Ulrich Schellenberg, called the Meeting of the Federal President, with the attorney “is a clear sign of solidarity”, the welcome of his organization. “The one who threatened lawyers, threatened our rule of law,” said Schellenberg. “Our justice system is dependent on the fact that the legal profession can work free from threat, in the interest of our clients.”

members of the Hesse state government had so far had no contact with Basay-Yildiz, said a government spokesman in Wiesbaden. The lawyer is standing but because of the Drohschreiben with the security forces of the Hessian state criminal police office in contact.

Meanwhile, the Hesse interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) presented in the Parliament a package of measures for the police. Police officers and candidates should be alert to extremism, said Beuth. More about the data of information systems queries in the police intensified the occasion independently controlled. In addition, IT reviewed security.

At the Meeting with police officers, Steinmeier also says: “of Course, we are entitled to expect from police officers that they feel the rule of law and democracy.” He also makes it clear that he desires more recognition for the work of the police. He hope that the investigations lead to a result. “Not only that, but just in the sense of the police officers that have nothing wrong and their reputation is damaging to the public discussion or in danger.”