In the case of the alleged failure of child abduction, of Velbert, the police has identified the Tatfahrzeug. A 21-Year-old, who had rented the car at the relevant time, will now be interviewed, police said on Friday. The man accepted but as a witness not as a suspect.

A car workshop, had brought the investigators to track down. There was an accident noticed damage to a returned VW Up exactly such a car, the police had been looking for. Forensic technicians had now “confirmed with a probability bordering on certainty” that it was the car that was used in the alleged failure of child abduction.

motorists wanted to ten-year-old in the vehicle

last Friday, a motorist should have raised a ten-year-old boy on the way to school and in his car curled. After the man had caused an accident, the Boy walked away.

The police, the statements of the young to be credible. He had memorized many of the Details, if not, the license plate of the car. In fact, the officials found in the mentioned location of accident traces.

The ten-year-old described the man as 25 to 30 years old with black skin color and a black, short, curly hair, the sides shaved off. At the time he was dressed in black.

she / dpa