After the Protest of a mother against the alcohol experiment “Rather be smart than blue” at a high school in Templin, the head has defended the prevention project. “We encourage anyone to Drink,” said Professor Johannes Lindenmeyer of the news Agency DPA. “85 percent of the adult population drinks regularly, and we have to assume that the majority of young people to drink sooner or later, also alcohol,” said the Director of the Salus clinic in Lindow.

The “North Kurier” reported that the mother of a 15-year-old student, the newspaper reported, after her son had brought the Declaration of consent for the drinking experiment with home. Parents had to indicate whether your child is allowed to participate, and how much is allowed to drink it for approval.

Since 2008, students in the alcohol Experiment, participate,

In the case of “Rather be smart than blue,” the drink of the participating students outside the school under the supervision of a recommended amount of alcohol or less. After that, you should estimate how much alcohol you have and how you feel. In Brandenburg, about 10 to 30 classes annually take part in the trial. Several thousand students since the start of the project in 2008. In over ten years, this was the first complaint, said Lindenmeyer.

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About 15 parents had advised, according to Linden, Meyer, at the upper school, with its staff about the participation in the project. “This mother, who is complaining now, was not at the meeting,” said the project Manager. The health insurance Fund DAK was now at a distance to the project. The “Berliner Morgenpost,” a spokesman said, children are a rabbit “no attempt”.

on average, young people in Brandenburg have 14.3 years of their first intoxication, such as the Figures of the Ministry of health by 2017. 15 percent of boys and nine percent of girls aged 15 to 16 years reported drinking once a week alcohol.

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