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Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch: Saiyan Showdown To Launch In March 2022

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is one of the most dynamic hobbies for collectors. The value of cards is unpredictable, as they are far more reliant on the playability of cards. The collectors will have some influence, and SCR cards this time around. The cards will be designed with popular characters and will be a great addition for the collectors. These cards sometimes end up becoming break-out cards

Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch: Saiyan Showdown Release Date

The installment of this series, Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch cards has already been released. This series will help the collectors to know the trajectory of a card’s availability. The DBSCG completionists will get an idea about when to strike their cards. Let’s see how the cards of Saiyan Showdown perform this year.  Dragon Ball Super CG Value Card Game: Saiyan Showdown has been released in November 2021. They are currently the hot favorites of the collectors in March 2022.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Saiyan Showdown Market Value

The valued cards of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Saiyan Showdown have the following market values observed as of 2022.

  • Pan, Time Patrol Maiden SCR BT15-155: $225.44
  • The Wicked Saiyans SCR BT15-153: $114.50
  • SS4: The Vermillion Saiyans SCR BT15-152: $97.63
  • The Radiant Saiyans SCR BT15-154: $82.70
  • Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance SR BT15-096: $16.57
  • Turles, All Too Easy SR BT15-107: $14.28
  • SS2 Kefla, Lightning Speed SPR BT15-148: $5.81
  • Gigantic Meteor SR BT15-030: $3.97
  • Forbidden Power SPR BT15-119: $3.88
  • Kale, Rampaging Demon SR BT15-042: $3.84

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Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Saiyan Showdown Features

This set developed an interesting behavior. The top chase card will be launched with the Pan Xeno SCR. This card has seen almost no movement since last month and remains the same in its place. The card remains at the top by a long stretch. When it comes to other cards like the Wicked Saiyans SCR the collectors can expect to see a big change.  This card was at one point the third most valuable card in the set.

It had a significant jump of $26 but it now looks like things have changed drastically for this card. As we look at the other cards we will be able to make judgments about how they will be performing in the coming months. The collectors will have two SRs-Super Rares.

These cards will be maintaining a higher value as compared to all other SPRs (Special Rares) in the set. This is a big symptom of how playability will impact the value as compared to collectibility. The remaining cards like the Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance SR and Turles, All Too Easy SR have gained value and are performing a lot better than before.

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