Denmark has one of the strictest laws when it comes to asylum seekers. Since the inauguration of the right-conservative government in 2015 alone, 112 of the act, the tightening of the asylum and immigration area have been by the Parliament. Nevertheless, a total of 45 asylum seekers who are considered to be radicalized, and the potential threat could, unnoticed, from asylum and departure centres in the country disappear and disappear. The pointed to research by the radio station Radio24syv.

in Total there are in the Danish asylum system 97 persons, in which there is evidence of radicalization. The Figures of the Danish police, the existence of the radio station. Of the 45 missing potential Gefährdern, it is unclear where they are. You could be traveled either in Denmark, submerged or in other countries and are wanted by the police. One of the had painted the letters “IS” and a machine gun type AK-47 on the wall of a departure centre, according to the radio station.

Increased risk by the threat

in Spite of deportations

number of Islamist threat will not fall


Magnus Ranstorp of the “Swedish Defence University,” said Radio24syv: “The government should be Worried about that you can’t find these people, if they can be radicalized. This does not mean that something is going to happen. But rejected asylum seekers are group a great risk, if you look at the terrorist activities in Europe.” He referred also to attacks and attempted attacks in Germany, such as the attack on the Berlin Christmas market in 2016.

the research by The station called the Opposition in Denmark to the Plan. The social Democrats have charged the Minister of justice, Søren Pape Poulsen and integration Minister Inger Støjberg to a hearing. “It is very problematic and very troubling that there are so many over which we have no control,” said the legal policy spokesman of the social Democrats, Morten, Morten Bødskov. Compared to the TV station TV2, he said that his party had discussed measures such as mandatory reporting to the police, and ankle cuffs. Such steps could be necessary, if it is a matter of national security.

measures difficult to implement

The migration policy spokesman of the ruling party “Liberal Alliance”, Joachim B. Olsen, called the Situation “Radio24syv” frustrating. Ankle cuffs were not legally possible: “Politically, we are doing everything we can, to get control over these people. We go to the limit of what to prescribe to us laws and conventions. We are willing to do more, but there are constitutional principles that apply to all citizens in this country.”

The Danish domestic intelligence service PET announced that it had a separate focus on information and reports of possible radicalization in the country. Both the Danish Ministry of justice, as well as the integration Ministry would not comment on the star’s request. In the case of the Danish police, no one was reached for comment.

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