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international investigators complain four pro-Russian rebels from Eastern Ukraine for the Downing of the passenger aircraft flight number MH17, on 17. Of July, 2014. The three Russians and a Ukrainian were of the murder in 298 cases, informed accused of the international investigators on Wednesday in Nieuwegein, near Utrecht.

The international investigators had previously informed in Nieuwegein, near Utrecht, the relatives of the new findings.

The machine of Malaysia Airlines on 17. July 2014 over Eastern Ukraine by air missile has been shot down. 298 people died, most of them were Dutch.

For each of the four main suspects were international arrest warrants issued. You will be responsible for ensuring that the air-defense missile had been transported from Russia into Eastern Ukraine. The criminal process should at 9. March 2020 in the Netherlands, start, declared the head of the investigation.

investigation into the MH17: Russia criticises the one-sidedness

The victims ‘ relatives Silene Fredriksz was “happy that the process will finally begin, and that, the names were announced,” said Fredriksz, whose son and daughter-in-law among the Victims were. She made the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally responsible for the crash. “Because he has made this possible. He has created the Situation. He is the main person responsible.”

a year ago, the investigators had announced that the machine had been shot down over Eastern Ukraine with air-defense missile of the type Buk. The weapon system came the investigators, according to a Brigade of the Russian army.

Russia has criticized the investigation into the shootdown as a one-sided. “Russia had no way to the investigation of this terrible disaster, although we had offered from the beginning,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov of the Agency Interfax according to. Said to the media four alleged perpetrators, he that Moscow will wait and see the official communication of the Commission of inquiry. The Russian-backed separatists rejected again categorically that Russia had something to do with the launcher.

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