Dorian storm havoc in the Bahamas, death toll rises to 30

Dorian storm
Dorian storm

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said that the death toll from the Dorian storm has increased to 30 here. According to the report of Eff News, Minnis confirmed the number of people killed during an interview with the US media and told that this number could increase.

Dorian knocked at the speed of 298 kilometers per hour in the Bahamas on 1 September.

Minnis said that he does not know when to start flying for the already rescued people, who are not elderly and sick. It is expected that it will take five days and they will be transferred to Nassau free of charge.

Earlier, Health Minister Duan Sends had said that 23 people have died in the grip of the storm. He also told that the death toll is expected to be more than 23.

He said that only a few people were officially eligible to be declared dead and until the death is officially confirmed, they cannot be added to the list of victims.

He also said that at the moment the priority is to save the elderly and the sick and provide immediate help. They are being transferred to islands in the archipelago, which were not destroyed by the storm.

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