About the tragic case of the unfortunate patient in the journal “Lung Cancer” reported in the October issue of 2018. The 39-year-old patient suffering from cystic fibrosis. This is a genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system. It leads to an accumulation of thick mucus in different organs in the respiratory tract, the sinuses, the pancreas and the intestine.

early detection Once blow: A lung cancer rapid test to save lives, REUTERS

The symptoms of the disease can be alleviated, and you can’t really be cured. The average life expectancy of the patients is in spite of advances in treatment, only about 40 years. Especially dangerous is the formation of mucus in the lungs. It threatens the respiratory function of patients. Here is a lung transplant can provide relief.

Healthy Organ transplanted

This procedure was also carried out at the patient, but two years after Transplantation have been discovered in your breast, suspect spots. It was an aggressive cancer tumor. The woman died of it. The history of the deadly cancer disease depends on the transplant. The woman was namely used not already infested Organ. At the time of Transplantation, the lung was perfectly healthy. And, although the 50-year-old donor was a heavy Smoker, and consumed daily for 30 years a pack of cigarettes.

immunosuppression promoted cancer

Ironically, the drugs, the rejection of the body against the foreign Organ oppressed, and made the recipient defenseless against the cancer, writes “Lung Cancer”. You seemed like a Turbo for the growth of the cancer cells. The authors of the study advise now, in the case of lung ion of donors, organ transplant active smokers or have stopped Smoking Recently, to be very careful. Since the Occurrence of lung cancer can be triggered by the recipient by immunosuppressive therapy.

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The Problem, however, is not limited to Smoking and lung cancer. Cancer cases arise after organ transplantation, are rare, however. The “American Journal of Transplantation” reported a particularly serious case. Four patients received the organs from a donor – but his lungs, liver and both kidneys were already affected by cancer. At the time of surgery, metastases were so small that they could not be discovered. Three of the recipients could not be helped.