The AfD is in the donations affair. It is not clear how the affair developed. It goes to the Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki, the FDP, and Claudia Roth, the Green, could you most for the right wing, and in particular for the group Chairman, Alice ryegrass serious consequences.

On Thursday it became known that the party had submitted to the Bundestag may be a fake donor list. A corresponding suspicion, the competent public Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz. Previous questioning had confirmed “beyond a reasonable doubt, that the people, in fact, the alleged donor,” said state attorney Andreas Mathy the German press Agency. Searches of the “mirror” and “Report Mainz,” according to the alleged patrons of the AfD have disputed to have the party of money donated. Rather, they had given only their names.

Kubicki speaks even from the suspicion of money laundering

This has been confirmed by several with the operations of a group of familiar people. In return, the alleged donors was also offered money. Who put you up to the allegedly false information, is unclear. To not want to Details of the interrogation the Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz comment with reference to the ongoing investigation.

Kubicki sees the party on a “heavy Gang”. “I don’t expect only the early political end of Alice ryegrass, but also tough sanctions against the party,” he told the “Handelsblatt”. Whether the AfD will politically and financially, of this recover, is not identified. The Bundestag Vice-President reiterated the “suspicion of money-laundering” in the game.

Roth, as Kubicki dealt with the case close, also chose drastic words: “The financial management of the AfD stinks to high heaven and requires a full investigation,” said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “If the doubts are now in the room, we talk here of deliberate deception of the German Bundestag and an obviously systematic fraud.” As named recipient of the donations ryegrass was “personally responsible,” said Roth.

Either or … with Kevin Kühnert

Kevin Would be Kühnert prefer domestic help in Alice ryegrass or Intern at Trump?

Alice ryegrass stands in the centre of the investigation

The donations were channelled to an account of Weidels district Association at the lake of Constance, therefore, the Prosecutor’s office determined against them and three other members of the circle Association. The party had confirmed in November that a Swiss pharmaceutical company in 2017, had paid 130,000 euros, in several tranches. The money was paid back according to the figures, in the spring of 2018. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. The AfD was submitted to the Bundestag the name of 14 German and other EU citizens to stand behind the benefits. The pharmaceutical company is said to have collected the donations.

Weidels personal press officer Daniel Tapp said, however, it will always be clear, “that here is a party has been contaminated account of a district Association, in order to harm a woman ryegrass and the AfD”.

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