Donald Trump is lying. Unfortunately, this is not news, and therefore, actually, also no news value. Surprising – if not shocking – is how rapidly the number of false statements by the US President during his term of office is increased. Two years after taking the oath of office Trump, Stand 20. January, 8.158 false or misleading statements on his presidential lie-account accumulated, such as the “Washington Post” reported that operates on the Internet a facts-Checker. The beeinhalte amazing, more than 6000 such statements, in the second year of his reign.

In his first year in the White house, Trump has tried, therefore, an average of 5.9 Times a day, to deceive the American citizens. In its second year, the number had almost tripled to an average of 16.5 false statements per day.

“don’t you Believe the crap from the Fake News”

Trump will always be braver and more willing to bend the facts, or completely misrepresent them to fit into his desired belief, commented on CNN the results of the “Washington Post”. While the objective facts used against him, withdraw the President more and more into his own world and call on his followers to ignore everything, except what he says.

“Hold on to us. You will not believe the crap that you see of these people the Fake News,” admonished Trump, therefore, in the last summer, during a speech in Kansas City a group of veterans. “What you see and what you read is not what is happening.”

His false statements repeatedly Trump often dozens of times – mostly via Twitter – “until he has convinced the people that he’s right,” as CNN writes.


address to the Nation

With these statements has to Trump the U.S. citizens in his TV speech

By Marc Drewello

lied to the Republicans claimed the Fact Checker, 192 Change, the investigations in Russia, the affair by special investigator Robert Mueller an opposition from the Democrats created dizziness – although Mueller of Trumps private justice has used the Ministry as a special investigator.

Trump has repeatedly, according to the “Washington Post” in addition, 127 Times the false statement that in the year 2017, the Republicans passed tax cut was the largest in U.S. history. And 126 Times Trump falsely stated that the United States would lose as a result of trade deficits, money.

immigration is Donald Trumps lies-Favorit

by far The most lies and misleading statements disseminated by the U.S. President, according to the “Washington Post” on the issue of immigration (1433). To place two statements on foreign policy (900), followed by the areas of the economy (790) and jobs (755) are therefore wrong. 899 lie belonged to the category of miscellaneous, including attacks against the media or people who consider Trump as enemies.


Christmas rounds

Donald Trump visited U.S. troops in Iraq and lying to the soldiers

By Marc Drewello

In the two years in which the newspaper reviewed now Trumps public statements on their veracity, gave it only 82 days you are no false allegations have found, reports the Washington Post. Often, the days had been, to which Trump Golf I have played.

sources: Washington Post, CNN

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