The candidate field for the presidential nomination of the US Democrats is increasingly dominated by women: Now Senator Elizabeth Warren throws officially your hat in the Ring. You are fighting against a “System that strengthens the Rich and Powerful and all the other Dirty pelts,” she said at the announcement of your candidacy in front of supporters in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

“families can barely breathe”

The 69-Year-old was at the announcement of their candidacy, the topic of social justice in the center. “Millions of families can barely breathe,” criticized the current life circumstances in the United States. What is needed is a “big structural change”. The government of President Donald Trump described the Democrat as the “most corrupt” since time immemorial.

The controversial former Senator, the war of words on Twitter by Trump regularly, is attributed to the left wing of their party. She is an advocate for higher taxation of the Rich, and strict Anti-corruption laws, limiting the Power of lobbyists, climate change and universal health care. Critics accuse her of left-wing populism.

Warren came in as a lateral entrant, late in the policy since 2013, she has represented the state of Massachusetts in the Senate. Previously, she was Professor for economic law at the University of Harvard, and had made itself as a media-savvy consumer activist with a name. At the base of the Democratic party Warren is holding has a significant return. The Senator, who had announced their ambitions for the presidency already on new year’s eve, is one of the most influential candidates for the presidential candidacy in 2020.

Donald Trump mocks

in the coming days, Warren plans to visit the traditionally hotly contested Iowa and New Hampshire and five other States. Your Image is scratched out because of a debate about their origin, however. It’s about Warren’s claim to be of Indian descent.

Koch, Schultz, Steyer

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President Trump had expressed doubts as to these statements of his critic, again and again, and repeatedly taunted as “Pocahontas”. Warren published subsequently, in October, the result of a genetic test. This revealed, however, that she has hardly any native Americans among her ancestors and a few generations lived. Warren was forced to apologize to the American Indians-people of the Cherokee.

The matter cooked recently, as the “Washington Post”, an official document from the 80s published. In it, Warren had specified as their ethnicity “American Indian”. Trump’s campaign accused her of “fraud”.

What is the moderate candidate?

Warren’s most prominent intra-party rivals, the former housing Minister, Julián Castro, the Senator of the interior, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. On Sunday, Warren should get more competition. Senator Klobuchar wanted to officially announced their candidacy. You would be the fifth woman in the candidate field of Democrats.

Second Shutdown?

Why the Valentine’s day for Trump to be might be messy

unlike the distinguished party left Warren the 58-year-old Klobuchar is a member of the moderate party wing. In your state of Minnesota she was elected in November with a clear majority for a third term as a Senator. Because of their origin and popularity in the Mid-West your and is considered to have a strong showing in the formerly democratic-dominated key States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. There had dominated in the election of 2016, Trump.

Other applications could twirl the race for the presidential nomination of the Democrats in the near future, however, once again, by each other. Intra-party bearing heavy weights like Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, or New York’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg so far, but covered.