That Donald Trump doesn’t like wind turbines, has been known for some time. Although he has not shown otherwise than to be particularly fond of animals, referred to the US President, the suppliers of renewable energy in an Interview with the New York Times as a bird-Killer. This is not, in principle, quite wrong, interested in Trump, but rather less. He was at the time rather to make the wind energy a bad thing, because the U.S. is well-positioned economy in the areas of Oil and coal is significantly better. Finally, for Trump, always and everywhere: “America first”.

for wind turbines from trump’s point of view: you are bad, bad, bad. “You kill all the birds,” he said, and what we didn’t realize so far: they produce the cancer! Trump says. According to a report by the American political side of “The Hill” was held by Trump on Tuesday a speech during a Fundraising Dinner of the Republican congressional Committee. The meaning and purpose of the event was to collect money, in order to prevent wind power plants. Trump should have spoken to all those present from the heart, as he remarked sarcastically: “If you have a wind Turbine somewhere in the vicinity of your house – congratulations! Then your house has already lost 75 percent of their value.” Then the President pushed afterwards: “And they say the noise causes cancer.” The approving laughter of like-minded people round you can easily imagine.

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“all the birds to kill”: Trump scolds on German wind turbines

By Daniel Bakir Donald Trump: no Wind, No watching TV

For Trump himself was possibly even worse but, what the TV-savvy President noted a month ago at a gig in the U.S. state of Michigan. There, it is said in the report, he knocked with the Hand on the Mast of a wind turbine, and said: “If the Wind is not blowing, you can forget the television for tonight.” A long evening without the “Fox” – for sure not a nice idea for the President.

The open and knowledge-free rejection of the wind energy drives even allies Trumps on the palm. First of all Chuck Grassley, the Republican Senator of the wind energy-state of Iowa, a whopping 30 percent of its energy needs with wind power intended to cover. In a telephone conversation with journalists, described Grassley, the note Trumps, the noise from wind turbines could cause cancer, just as “idiotic”. That was during the election campaign. The Senator had, however, intimated that he felt attacked by the bad of the wind to make energy. He knew that the treasures in the White house, his views on many topics, but the comments trump on wind energy showed but little respect for “Chuck Grassley, the grandfather of the tax credit for wind energy”.

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If the wind force intervention systems dramatically into the Ecosystem

Gernot Kramper Sick by wind turbines? Yes, but not cancer

by the way It is so far not aware that wind turbines may cause in any way cancer. Health completely unproblematic, the wind turbines should not be anyway. So there are reports and findings that vibrations, especially low frequency noise and infrasound, as well as the regular drop shadow, cast by the rotor blades of nearby homes, could trigger diseases. Be called, among other things: sleep disorders, migraines, Tinnitus, dizziness, Restlessness, blurred vision, rapid heart rate, Nausea, anxiety, or concentration and memory problems. Of all this, Trump knew but, apparently, nothing. His speech would otherwise have been a less “idiotic”.

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