The possible interference of Moscow in the US presidential election has been judiciary. The FBI and various courts involved in the Russia affair, there was already the first verdicts. If it is true, what is the “New York Times” (NYT) reported, could play on the U.S. President even more legal trouble. According to the paper, Trump should have asked, a sympathetic Prosecutor for the investigation against Michel Cohen. Cohen was trump’s longtime lawyer and sweeper and was sentenced in December indirectly in the Wake of the Russia-study to three years in prison.

attempt to obstruct justice?

trump’s former home and Hofjurist had broken after his arrest with his old allies, unpacked, and for a mitigation of punishment. The “NYT”report is true, then this type of interference could be in the case of a Form of obstruction of Justice, which would be illegal, as the legal expert Andrew Napolitano said the US channel “Fox News”. “If you try, you in a law enforcement to intervene, which could knock on your own door, by putting your allies in there, this is clearly an attempt to obstruct justice,” said Napolitano. In his view, it could, moreover, even allegations of corruption.

Michael Cohen, among other things, for perjury and tax evasion in the Southern District of New York before the court. The local state’s attorney, Geoffrey Berman had given his competence, because he was promoted as a campaign contributor Donald Trumps of him in the office and in the thing, therefore, biased. As the choice for the successor of decency should Trump his former interim justice Minister Matthew Whitaker asked to set a “ally” to the Post. The Ministry of justice as well as Donald Trump himself has rejected the report, according to the “New York iImes”.

Donald Trump is in the sights of justice

It is not the first Time that the U.S. President meddling in the judiciary is accused of. U.S. special investigator, Robert Mueller, to investigate the Russia affair, was only appointed after Trump had dismissed the former FBI chief, James Comey, who had taken care of up until then in the room the allegations. Recently it was announced that the former Deputy Minister of justice, Rod Rosenstein, after the Comey-dismissal of the possibility of a displacement of Trumps on the basis of the 25. The additional article of the US Constitution thought. With voltage also the statement of the Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen is not expected before the US Congress at the end of February.