Donald Trump is going to visit Poland and Denmark, together with his wife, Melania. In Poland you want to be in Warsaw at the commemorative events for the 80th. Anniversary of the start of world war II participate and in Denmark, you follow an invitation of Queen Margrethe II. There, Trump will attend several bilateral Meetings and business representatives meet. This is not a very exciting message. But it begs the question, why the US President with Poland and Denmark, visited two German neighboring countries, but not in here?

first of all: Yes, Trump was in Germany during his term of office. Two Times even during the G20 summit to be held in July 2017 in Hamburg and then again in December 2018. He visited the Ramstein Air Base in Rheinland-Pfalz. It is a stopover on the way back from Iraq. At Ramstein, he shook hands, posed for photos and then traveled to the USA. Even if Trump has met with Chancellor Merkel at the G20 summit, and a few other occasions – an official state visit, with reception in the Federal Chancellery, military honors, or a visit to the Federal President was previously.

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Trumps ratio to Germany: difficult

That trump’s relationship with Germany, and Merkel is not the warmest of welcomes, and rather tense (although a part of his family from Germany immigrated to the United States), known. Even if Trump Merkel called at the last G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, a “fantastic Person” and a “great friend” and their relationship as a “terrific” described, so there are several differences: for example in climate policy, trade policy, Migration and defence expenditure. Trump complains about injustices in the burden-sharing in Nato and Germany because of its relatively low defence expenditure by the short and curlies.

Therefore, it is not surprising, rather, is that Trump is just eager to come to Berlin. Just as his participation on the anniversary of the world war began, after all, the USA were in the Second world war a major player. But why Denmark? The questions some of our Northern neighbors. Because the White house had seemingly accepted the invitation of the Danish Queen right in the short term – the message of which came in the night to the 1. August.

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By Alexander Meyer-Thoene Trump has several reasons. The most important thing: Greenland

A possibility, as the US correspondent for the Danish broadcaster TV2, Jesper Steinmetz, is simply that Trump may love the Pomp, the there Visit in countries with a monarchy. Experts call that Trump distinguish themselves with such a visit in his home and that he could strengthen ties with a close ally.

Sten Rynning, Professor of American Foreign and security policy at the University of southern Denmark University, thinks also, that Trump may be an advantage to that in Europe at the moment about the leading role of Germany and France is discussed in the EU: “Germany has Ursula von der Leyen, the Position of a President of the Commission, and the French Christine Lagarde is President of the European Central Bank, the ECB. This can be seen as a Symbol for the two countries to take the Initiative. It may be for Donald Trump’s useful to visit a European country like Denmark, which is not politically faced with Germany and France, but a warm relationship with the United States”, quoted by the station DR.

But the real reason for trump’s visit to Greenland or the Arctic is, in the opinion of observers, further to the North: namely. Denmark is, in fact, for the foreign policy of the Autonomous Region. For decades Greenland is an important Region in the political power game in the world, what is its position: Geographically, the island belongs to North America, politically to Europe. During the Cold war, the USA built in the 1950s, the Thule Air Base in Northwest Greenland. Since then, Russia and China, have increased interest in the Arctic Region shown in terms of both the strategic location as well as on investments.

Russia and China want in the Arctic

play “In the last few years have made Americans to Worry that China and, perhaps, the Russians have a little too much interest in Greenland. Therefore, it will be trump’s visit to Denmark is undoubtedly at the top of the agenda,” says Jesper Steinmetz. And the Journalist Philip Christian Ulrich says to DR: “you (the USA) to see some of the Trends in the Region, which they believe that they concern are in the context of the global super-competition, which takes place between the US, China and Russia, makes it exciting. They are all in the Region is very active, and it will be for the United States is important to ensure a good relationship to Denmark, so that in the Region of a relatively easy access.”

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo declared last year that the U.S. military was prepared to assist airports for General and military purposes stronger financially. Had happened so far, but nothing. Also, the visits of the former Secretary of state Powell, Kerry, and Clinton, in Greenland, testify to the fact that the Danish territory for the United States is of great importance.

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Niels Kruse array of High Security and the state dinner

Trump will speak on his visit with representatives from Greenland and also Denmark, Faroe Islands. He will also meet with the new Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. According to her, the issues of security and trade should be on the agenda: “I am looking forward to meeting the US President in Denmark, where we discuss global issues of common interest, and together with the co-operation between Denmark and the United States in the areas of how security policy, Arctic issues and promoting trade and investment can strengthen”, – stated in a communication from the Danish Ministry of state. Several politicians believe, however, that Frederiksen Trump should respond to climate issues.

the state was Scheduled during Trump’s visit to furthermore Banquet with 120 guests, where to hold Queen Margrethe and Trump a speech. Also several Meetings with the company are planned. Trump is the fourth incumbent US President, who visited Denmark. Previously, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama in the country. It is expected operations, with massive security measures and the police.

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