11. July: Donald Trump to kidney experts: “The kidney has a special place in the heart”

In the heart finds some space for other people, at some of the for a Hölderlin poem, other perhaps for a Veilchenbeet or pork chops. Kidney but have to look in the chest nothing. If at all, only in pictures. Alone: the one Who seizes symbolic heart and kidneys to a place that brings quickly the impression to be a nerd. Donald Trump has presented on Wednesday a Plan for the promotion of home dialysis and how it is at these events, as usual, a few warm words to drop. To said the present he: “you have put so much work in the kidney. Very exceptionally. The kidney has a special place in my heart. It is an incredible thing.” May Trumps personal doctor should examine him again on the heart and kidneys.

11. July: Trump can continue to earn to the state guests

US President Donald Trump has made in the dispute to be luxury hotel in Washington, a legal success. An appeals court has dismissed the suit of the state of Maryland and the Federal district, Washington D. C., who had accused the President, to achieve illegal profits, with its Trump International Hotel. The three judges of the Federal court in Richmond in the state of Virgina declared the action unanimously to be unfounded. The close to the White house with Trump International Hotel media since the election victory of billionaire foreign would and business is particularly popular. So the media were reports that the Saudi Arabian government in the Five-star Hotel more than 270,000 dollars, the telecommunications company T-Mobile for almost $ 200,000. Critics argue that welfare should want to be paid for by the President.


Since Donald Trump, US President with makers and entrepreneurs would be especially popular: the Trump International Hotel close to the White house in Washington.

©Alex Wroblewsky / AFP

Maryland, and Washington sued Trump 2017. They accused the President to be contrary to a constitutional article that prohibits U.S. government officials, gifts, payments, or other inducements by foreign governments or their representatives, to accept. The judges in Richmond, declared that it was “speculation” that the guests of the luxury hotel wanted to buy the benevolence of the President. Trump the court, welcomed the judgment. On Twitter, he accused the plaintiffs of a “witch-hunt” against him and described the case as “ridiculous”.

9. July: the court: Trump may Twitter Followers not because of criticism of block

US President Donald Trump is not allowed to block unwanted Followers in Twitter just because of him their expressions of opinion like. The court of appeal decided on Tuesday in New York. Several Twitter users had put up a fight in court, however, that Trump had blocked their Accounts after critical comments. That is, they were not able to see the Tweets of the President and no longer respond to it.

In the past year, had initially chosen a New York Federal court that this is contrary to the first amendment, which protects freedom of expression. Trump granted to the Affected then access to his Twitter messages, but at the same time, an appeal against the first court decision. The court of appeal has now decided, but also that a representative of the state, should not exclude social media like Trump – to – use to official purposes, not other users of the public discussion, because to him their Comments liked. This is discriminatory and, therefore, inadmissible. The legal battle drags on for longer. According to court documents, Trump had blocked the Affected in may and June 2017.

9. July: Trump-opponent Tom Steyer wants to US but the President of

former hedge Fund Manager and philanthropist Tom Steyer’s applying now, but the presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats. The 62-Year-old, who is a vocal supporter of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, was known to be a candidate in the party’s internal race for the Democrats. In January, the billionaire had declared to renounce to a job application. The billionaire has been stressed for years, according to a impeachment proceedings against Trump. In the case of the Democrats, there are already more than 20 candidates. The California Deputy Eric Swalwell, a relatively unknown candidate had to be abandoned on Monday.