Twitter is considering introducing a new feature for the identification of posts, which is against the rules, of public interest, but nevertheless, on the platform to remain. Vijaya Gadde, Director of the legal Department of the short message service, made this during an interview with the “Washington Post” is known as, among other things, the U.S. broadcaster CNN reported. The company could start, therefore, is to provide offensive Tweets from public figures such as US President Donald Trump with a note that explains why you are not deleted. According to the guidelines of Twitter posts from politicians, have a news value that makes them for the public debate is important.

Twitter-the Boss calls Donald Trump is not the name of

Twitter is already been under pressure from critics who complain that Trump would violate his messages often go unpunished the rules of the service against bullying, threat, and dehumanization. The US President has repeatedly insulted people and institutions on Twitter, insulted, and at least indirectly threatened. So he called a former employee of a “dog”, referred to journalists as “scum” who “should be ausgejätet” and published a manipulated ring fight-Video that shows how he beat up a man with the Logo of the US news channel on the head.

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